If you’re excited for the Winter Olympics and have found yourself lost in the many mountains found throughout the world of STEEP in the past year, then the latest Road to the Olympics expansion that has arrived in stores today could be just what you’re looking for to get back out there.

After arriving at the tail end of 2016, STEEP has gone on to keep those who have dived into its open world occupied with some slow but steady new additions in the past year, but none have been quite as big as the latest expansion arriving on the snow-covered mountains. The STEEP Road to the Olympics expansion takes players on the ultimate journey to become an Olympic champion. With all new and iconic Japanese mountains to explore freely, as well as some exciting new qualifiers that will take place across the well-known landscape of the Alps, players will need to put their best skills forward if they hope to make it to the finals of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018.

With a ton of new events to keep players going well into the new year, the STEEP Road to the Olympics expansion is not one that will be over all to quickly either, which is to be expected with the £24.99 price tag that comes attached.

There are in fact two new bundles available on the Microsoft Store today for those wishing to get the full experience with the base game. The first of which is the STEEP Winter Games Edition which gives owners access to the full game and the Road to the Olympics expansion, all for the price of £39.99. 

Meanwhile those looking for a more complete package can jump in with a purchase of the STEEP Winter Games Gold Edition which gives players access to the base game, the Season Pass – which brings its own bundle of content including three all new sports – and the Road to the Olympics content as well to bring together the ultimate bundle for the price of £54.99.

There is also a £5.19 Welcome pack available too. If you need a helping hand in starting out, then that may well be worth a look.

Those of you yet to check out the world of STEEP would do well to check out our full review before heading into the open world of hilltop mountains.

Will you be jumping into STEEP once more? Let us know in the comments below or via out usual social channels.


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