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When one of your friends gets captured by baddies, it’s time to round up the boys, grab a few beers and retrieve your fellow comrade. That’s the concept of the latest run ‘n’ gun platformer to blast onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Brotherhood United. Now go get that beer and let’s head on out!

Published and ported by eastasiasoft – who recently released Skatemasta Tcheco – Brotherhood United is a platformer that’ll have you running and gunning in a bid to save a friend. You’re a part of a brotherhood whose mantra is to never leave one of their own behind, which leads you on a mayhem-filled mission. On the way to rescuing your buddy, you’ll have to fight through a horde of enemies and dish out a ton of pain in the process. That’s not all though, with 8 huge bosses attempting to foil your plans too.

After picking your guns and stocking up on grenades, the action begins, seeing you running, jumping, dodging and shooting through the 20 levels within. Each level also possesses three sub-quests to try and accomplish while taking down the enemy army. With such an emphasis on friendship at the heart of the story, it’s fitting that you can bring a friend along in local co-op for double the demolition and destruction. In order to stand out amidst the carnage, there are a number customisation options, including hair, glasses, clothing, helmets and skin tone.

So, if uniting the brotherhood is on the cards for you, take a short trip over to the Xbox Store – or the PS Store – and purchase Brotherhood United for £7.49. It’s worth noting it is currently discounted to £5.99 and will remain that way for two weeks post-launch. Grab it then crack open a beer, blast your way to glory, and let us know how you get on with this 2D action-platformer!

Game Description:

Run and gun to rescue your friends, but don’t forget the beer! When a friend is captured, it’s up to the rest of the brotherhood to pick up their guns and take down the enemy army! In this pixelated action platformer, you’ll run, jump, shoot and dodge roll your way through the opposition to bring your buddy back. Customize your look with different options for hair, glasses, clothing, helmets and skin tone to look your best while blowing stuff up! Use all the guns and grenades at your disposal, and make sure that no partner gets left behind.

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