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The We Were Here series of games has fast become a favourite for PC and console gamers looking to immerse themselves in the ultimate cooperative experience. Teaming up with a buddy, forgoing any form of solo play, it’s a franchise which has tested our resolve over and over again. It’s that in which We Were Here Forever plays brilliantly. 

Available to purchase and download today, playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, We Were Here Forever follows on from the series builders in We Were Here, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together

It drops us into an Antarctic adventure, pushed into the realm of Castle Rock before being tasked with making good our escape. Playable as a cooperative experience between two players only – if you don’t have friends and can’t even begin to consider looking for a rando to join you, there will be nothing here for you – We Were Here Forever has you exploring, delving and puzzle solving like the best of them. 

Ultimately set-up as a series of escape rooms, We Were Here Forever is a brilliant puzzler, capable of throwing a whole host of differing options your way. There are takes on old-school pipe puzzles, there are portals, there are mechanisms and there are light reflectors. There are also a host of levers, buttons and pads to help these tests of the mind work. Let us be clear – communication between you and your cooperative partner is utterly key to finding any success in We Were Here Forever. 

With a walkie-talkie chat system in play, in theory you could well scour the depths of the online systems that power your gaming platform of choice, but we think that in order to really get the most from the game, you’ll want to team up with a buddy. You may also want to stick party chat on too as whilst the in-game comms works well, some of the puzzles can become a little frustrating. 

We Were Here Forever runs a delicate story too – but honestly, aside from being chased down by a Jester every now and then, it’s one that has gone well over our heads. For more info though, both to how this plays and what you should be looking out for, you’d do well to check out our full review of We Were Here Forever on Xbox Series X|S. The only spoiler you’ll get is that we gave it a 3.5/5 score. Not too shabby, eh?

If you are a veteran of the We Were Here scene, looking to continue your escape journey with a friend, you should be getting involved with We Were Here Forever near immediately. For those new to the franchise, we’d advise getting going from the very start and working through the releases on order. It feels the best way to take the series in. 

You’ll find We Were Here Forever over at the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – fully optimised for the new-gen consoles. It should also be on PS4 and PS5, whilst PC folk are also catered for. Expect to pay £14.99.

Let us know how you find We Were Here Forever. Will you ever escape?

Game Description:

You and your friend are trapped in the realm of Castle Rock with no way out – were you betrayed, or simply not that clever? Work together to escape, explore and solve puzzles in this mysterious Antarctic adventure. Be aware, nothing is what it seems – there are dark secrets hidden in the shadows. Will you be able to escape? Beginning in the dungeons deep in the bowels of Castle Rock, you and a fellow prisoner must seek a way out and return to stand again beneath the icy Antarctic skies – but escaping this nightmare is not so easy as just leaving the castle itself. If you can free yourself from the cells, you’ll need to make choices about where to explore next. Outside the Keep, you will discover the story of Rockbury, its inhabitants, and plans of a resistance formed against the King to escape this icy place. Hope will lead you on to an eerie Graveyard and have you descend down into the dark waters of the Foundry. Someone, or something, has brought you here, and you are a central part of a plan centuries in the making. Only an unshakeable bond with your partner will give you any hope of survival in the face of such dreadful desire… NOTE: This game is co-op only. It requires both players to have a working compatible microphone and an internet connection.

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