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Don’t get confused, this isn’t an expansion or sequel to the rather decent Bus Simulator series, and it is certainly looking like being a far cry away from that of the most recent title in that franchise, Bus Simulator 2021. However, if you’ve found yourself in need of further driving duties, Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside is now available to provide that to Xbox and PlayStation players.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside will have you attempting to navigate a long-wheeler through Russian lands. As the name suggests though, this one won’t just have you making the most of the city roads and Countryside takes you out into the wilderness, driving from point-to-point through the picturesque villages of Russia; namely, the small town of Murom.

It puts you behind the wheel of a bus, and lets you get on with the task at hand, fulfilling schedules and the desires of your passengers, all whilst keeping an eye out for traffic jams, collisions with other road users and more. There looks to be plenty in terms of challenge for any player deciding to spend time with Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside – if only if that challenge is attempting to ignore the visuals.

But there are certainly plenty of roads to take in too; from tarmac strips to unpaved roads, changeable weather conditions and more. Surprisingly, the key feature set is a pretty deep one, although without getting hands-on (we will, and when we do, a review will drop), we’re taking it all with a pinch of salt.

Key features:

  • Steer your bus through the picturesque landscapes of Russia.
  • Attention: Danger of skidding! Adapt your driving style to the seasons and different weather conditions.
  • Keep an eye on over 50 bus stops and transport your passengers to their destination on more than 23 routes.
  • Create your own timetables and routes for even more variety.
  • Feel the road! Now the physics of the road surface affects your driving experience (slipping in winter, better grip in summer).
  • Choose from seven detailed recreated buses, upgrade them and customise them to your own liking.
  • Different traffic situations demand the right reaction: show patience in traffic jams, keep calm in accidents and be attentive during long-distance journeys or night-time driving.

You’ll find Bus Driver Simulator: Countryside present and correct on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5. Both the Xbox Store and PlayStation Store will sort you out with a download. Expect to pay around £12.49.

Game Description:

BUS DRIVER SIMULATOR: COUNTRYSIDE connects the city to the countryside. You control the steering wheel as you transport passengers from picturesque Russian villages in unspoilt nature to the small town of Murom. Transport passengers to their destinations in various buses while keeping to the strict schedule. Unlike in the city, new challenges await you in the suburbs and villages. Unpaved roads require excellent driving skills during the different seasons, and you will always need to take the changing weather conditions into account. Complete the predefined tasks or create your very own career. One thing is certain: traffic jams, accidents, night-time driving and long-distance journeys provide variety and many hours of driving fun! Follow traffic rules, keep to your schedules and earn the praise of satisfied passengers!

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