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We’ve recently seen the addition of a number of interior options made available to those enjoying Bus Simulator on Xbox One and PS4, but today the focus is on the outside as the Bus Simulator MAN Bus Pack 1 delivers three additional buses to the game.

Coming from astragon Entertainment and the stillalive studios development team is the Bus Simulator MAN Bus Pack 1 DLC. Available for Xbox One and PS4 players to enjoy, this expansion added in three new MAN buses to the base game.

With the Bus Simulator: MAN Bus Pack 1 DLC ambitious bus drivers and simulation fans alike can look forward to getting behind the wheel of three official licensed bus models by the popular German manufacturer MAN. These include the 10.50 meter long MAN Lion’s City A47 and the 11.98 meter long MAN Lion’s City A21 which are ideal for operations in the narrow streets of the Old Town. Further to that though and you’ll also find the chance to enjoy the 17.98 meter long MAN Lion’s City A23 articulated bus, a vehicle which happily provides plenty of seating options for passengers on the main roads of the fictional European city of Seaside Valley.

Just like the other buses found in Bus Simulator, the three new bus models of course are offering faithfully modelled cockpits including a number of individual functions, as well as numerous customising options, which will offer players the opportunity to individualise these vehicles in terms of colour and decals.

You will obviously need the base game to hand in order to enjoy this latest MAN Bus Pack 1, but should you be looking to expand your simulated experience then heading to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store right now will see you right. The £4.99 price tag isn’t a bad one either. Let us know what you think though. The comments section is down below.

DLC Description:

Attention all Seaside Valley bus drivers! Do you want to upgrade your fleet – preferably with brand-new buses? Have you been eagerly anticipating new MAN models? Then this is the perfect expansion pack for you! This Bus Simulator DLC includes three new buses licensed from MAN! The 39-foot MAN Lion’s City A21 awaits with two doors. The MAN Lion’s City A47 is 34 feet long and is one of the shortest of the Lion’s City series buses. Plus, you can look forward to the articulated MAN Lion’s City A23. This modern, 59-foot, three-axle bus holds around 140 passengers, who can board and alight it quickly and easily through one of four doors. This results in efficient and fast entry and exit. It also ensures that, even during peak times, most passengers will find a seat on your comfortable bus, while it transports them to their destination on time. The Bus Simulator expansion pack requires the main game.

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