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UNO seems to have been around for centuries and so it seems only fitting that Ubisoft mashup that age old card affair with their latest IP, that of Immortals Fenyx Rising. Right now there’s the opportunity for gamers on multiple formats to embark on a new quest to appease the Gods with Fenyx, in the ultimate edition of UNO. 

Available to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC is the Fenyx’s Quest DLC for UNO. Inspired by Immortals Fenyx Rising, you’ll be found helping the lovable Fenyx save the Greek gods, no doubt taking on multiple monsters in the process. 

Whilst the card playing base game of UNO is a far cry from that of Immortals, the mashup really does seem to work. With the UNO Ultimate Edition bringing in Fenyx’s Quest alongside other DLC packs – Flip, Just Dance, Rayman and a Winter theme – with each pack also available individually should you see fit, bringing the two ideas together as one seems like a good call by the good folk at Ubi. 

With Fenyx’s Quest you’ll be able to play UNO with a Golden Isle inspired board, exclusive themed cards and the Immortals Fenyx Rising soundtrack kicking along in the background. 

Players can fulfil Fenyx’s Quest to free the Gods and beat Typhon’s Curse and this means that at the beginning of each game, players will be given one of four cursed Gods to free and be granted their God’s powerful blessing as a passive effect:

  • Aphrodite: Become immune to all damage from Typhon.
  • Hephaistos: For every three cards played, discard all cards of a specific colour.
  • Athena: When opponent draws a card after not having a match, discard a random card.
  • Ares: Each time a card is played, two random cards of the same colour are discarded.

If you’re after an evening of UNO, love a bit of Immortals, or just want to see how this combination of game types works, head on over to your favoured digital store and grab the UNO Ultimate Edition, or just add the Fenyx’s Quest DLC to your UNO base game.  Let us know if you think Ubisoft should be bringing together more of their IPs in this way. Assassin’s Creed or Watch Dogs next, eh?

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