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It’s pretty safe to say that WWE 2K22 is the finest wrestling game of recent years – and yep, we know that the competition hasn’t been great. But what that does mean is the quality it brings allows the 2K and Visual Concepts teams the chance to build out their original base game, dropping content – and new wrestling superstars – to players around the globe. It’s here where Cactus Jack and his friends step forward, with the introduction of the WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack. 

As the name suggests, the WWE 2K22 Most Wanted Pack is a DLC drop which integrates some of the biggest names from the world of wrestling into WWE 2K22. It’s Cactus Jack who is the headline star, but also joining proceedings is an old WWE Hall of Famer, Ilja Dragunov, NXT’s Indi Hartwell and the Boogeyman. Oh, and Vader is included too, just for good measure. 

Each of the five new Superstars comes to WWE 2K22 with some MyFACTION EVO cards to their name, letting you upgrade what is given through taking part in the MyFACTION game mode. 

With further DLC packs due to hit over the coming months, and a whole host of content and stars already in place via the base game, what is being put forward through WWE 2K22 is plentiful – and it nearly, so nearly, makes up for the disaster years which have come before it. 

It goes without saying that in order to enjoy the WWE 2K22 Most Wanted pack, you’ll need a copy of the base game to hand. WWE 2K22 is available on Xbox, PlayStation and PC right now. From there, pick up the Most Wanted pack from your favourite digital store. For us Xbox folk, there are two available options – the standard native Xbox One version and that of the next-gen only, fully optimised Xbox Series X|S drop.  You’ll find the Most Wanted pack is already yours should you have the WWE 2K22 Season Pass. 

Let us know if you decide to add this into your game. 

DLC Description:

Bang, bang! The Most Wanted Pack is bringing the big guns to WWE 2K22, headlined by Cactus Jack – the most hardcore persona of WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. Also joining the fray is former WWE Hall of Famer Vader, NXT UK’s Ilja Dragunov, NXT’s Indi Hartwell, and from the Bottomless Pit – Boogeyman, who’s coming to getcha! Each playable Superstar also includes their own MyFACTION EVO cards. The Most Wanted Pack is already included in the WWE 2K22 Season Pass.

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