We’ve seen it before and now it’s set to return. Yep, Shamrock & Awe is back and for fans of Call of Duty this Community Event will mean new gear and unique customisation options galore.

Those wanting to get involved in the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Community Event can do so right now until April 3rd. During the event players will find Call of Duty: WWII getting a makeover with a new limited-time Multiplayer playlist, two time-limited gear collections and unique special Orders and Contracts that can bring special items and weapons for those who take part.

If you’re an owner of the Call of Duty: WWII Season Pass then you’ll find Shipment 1944 available to play today. Shipment 1944 is a new free map available within the game and for those with out the Season Pass, it will be available on Friday, March 16th.

Next up is the Leprechaun Hunt Moshpit. This themed playlist will deliver Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination – with a slight twist to proceedings… a fleet-footed zombie leprechaun will be hidden in each map and players who find and eliminate the terrifying little nightmare will be rewarded with much more than a simple pot ‘o gold for their efforts. In fact you’ll find all the equipped Scorestreaks full and ready to deploy. This mode will be available for players as a Featured Public Match playlist during Operation: Shamrock & Awe. You can get involved between March 16th from 17:00 pm GMT to 17:00 pm on March 19th.

Also available during Operation: Shamrock & Awe are two all-new weapons with the M-38 Submachine Gun and the MG 81 Light Machine Gun. Both weapons come with the St. Patrick’s Day-themed variants both of which are only available during the timed event, meanwhile other variants will be available once the community event has concluded.

Finally, the event also marks a major content update for Call of Duty: WWII with all new items such as weapon charms and weapon reticules now available within the game, whilst a number of tweaks to the Quartermaster and Supply Drop system have also been implemented.

So, there we have it, everything you can expect to find in Operation: Shamrock & Awe within Call of Duty WW: II. Will you be getting involved during the themed event? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

If you’ve yet to get involved in this years Call of Duty title, then why not check out our full review to see just why it’s worth a shot.

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