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Already available on Nintendo Switch and PC, Megalan 11 comes to Xbox – are you ready for the exploration-based puzzles and need to escape the traps that it brings?

Available to purchase and download from the Xbox Store, Megalan 11 is a Sometimes You title, as they pick up MAYO Games’ exploration puzzler. It costs £8.39 but comes with a free trial should you wish to give it a blast without the outlay. Strangely – or not for a Sometimes You game, in fact – there is the opportunity to purchase either a fully optimised Xbox Series X|S version (with a slight discount), or the standard Xbox One edition (without any discount). It’s up to you to pick and choose the edition of the game you require. 

Of course, you could buy both versions of Megalan 11, playing through it twice and grabbing the double Xbox achievements and Gamerscore boost that it will bring. 

Should you dip in, you’ll find a strange little game, one that drops you onto an abandoned planet before being told to get the hell out of there. You’ll only have 11 days to do it too. 

Exploring the world, defending your base, collecting scrap and making the most of a variety of raids will be the order of the day in Megalan 11. You’ll need to cope with the harsh conditions of the hostile red planet that you find yourself on though. 

We’re running review of Megalan 11 in the very near future so stay tuned for that, but until then you’ll discover the downloads of Megalan 11 over at the Xbox Store. Remember, this has both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions available. 

Let us know which you decide to pick up. 

Game Description:

This is an exploration-puzzle game. Bad luck rescuers have only eleven days to get out of the trap on a planet long abandoned by all. The ship of a scientific expedition catches a SOS signal, but as a result of an unsuccessful landing, the rescue operation turns out to be a complete failure. You will have to find shelter and adapt to the harsh conditions of the red planet, and even though there are five people in the crew, you have to rely only on yourself. You have to explore the abandoned base and defend it, make raids in the desert and collect metal for equipment repair.

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