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Synchro Hedgehogs, Smart Moves 2 and Butterfly 2 have already emerged from the Xitilon offices in the last 24 hours or so. But there’s absolutely no rest for the wicked and we now find that players are given the opportunity to play through an Escape Sequence on Xbox. 

Available to purchase and download right now, Escape Sequence on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is the latest cut-price bargain bucket game to come out of the Xitilon team as they task players with attempting to escape the dungeon ahead – and it’ll involve the completion of a ton of sokoban styled box moving puzzles should you wish to do so. 

Priced at £4.19 and originally created by the brilliantly named Sid Fish Games, before the Xitilon team have helped move it out to console, you’ll need to work your mind and your fingers here in Escape Sequence, planning your moves and trying to understand what exactly will be the smartest – and easiest – route to freedom. 

The low price point is something of a Xitilon staple, and we’d hazard a guess to say that any purchase of Escape Sequence on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S will also be able to provide the player with a host of easy Xbox achievements and Gamerscore in the process. For full confirmation on that though stay tuned as our full review drops in the coming days. 

For now a purchase of Escape Sequence on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S can be initiated by heading to the Xbox Store. Surely this is one that is worthy of a little look?

Let us know – the comments are below. 

Game Description:

Use your puzzle skills to help the player escape the dungeon. Arrange the blocks in sokoban manner to move the pawns, and they will move blocks that aren’t directly available to you. Plan their movements well, know when to start and stop, let them make new movement sequences for you, smart out your way to freedom.

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