Remember Candleman? Well, the neat platformer with an even neater concept from earlier in 2017 has today got some neat new content – and it’s free.

Candleman – Lost Light DLC is available to download right now from the Microsoft Store for Xbox One players to enjoy. With a zero price tag, the Lost Light brings three new chapters to the candlelit themed story, and will ensure that the story finally makes its thought provoking finale.

If you fancy taking in a great platformer that comes with a rather unique concept and some well created levels, then Candleman is your game. And now that three new chapters are available for free, it would seem a little silly to ignore it. Make sure you have a read of our review of the full game, get everything downloaded and then head off into the night with just a small flame for company.

You won’t regret it.

DLC Description:

Three new chapters bring the story to its thought-provoking finale. Once again the little candle journeys through the darkest depths. Will he find his way to the illuminating light?

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