Bloody Rally Show Xbox

Having already received numerous awards over on Steam, the console release of Bloody Rally Show promises hyperviolent arcade racing. Drive fast and drive dirty in Bloody Rally Show on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch today.

In a dystopian future where violence in commonplace on TV, participants in Bloody Rally Show are flirting with death on every corner. This top-down racer isn’t just about finishing first, you also need to survive. Make it through one race to earn cash and XP and the chance to do it all again. Choose your death machine and race against up to four players locally and many more computer opponents in story mode.

The racetracks in Bloody Rally Show are infinite; a mixture of handcrafted sections and randomly generated ones means there are endless possibilities with which to spill copious amounts of blood on. There are different surfaces to race on, hazards and weather options so your options are endless. Providing you can survive.

Choose your car from the banned Class B rally cars – also featured in the less violent Art of Rally – but don’t forget to choose your weapon. Blast your opponents to smithereens with a variety of car mounted weapons.

You can even play as a pedestrian to get a photo of your favourite car. Just remember to dive out of the way when that car inevitably comes your way.

The hyperviolent Bloody Rally Show is on the Xbox Store now priced at £16.74. If you’re quick off the mark you can grab a discount for a limited time, dropping the price down to £13.39. Stay tuned for a review coming soon or take the plunge now with that discount. Then let us know in the comments that you’ve bought it.

Game description:

Welcome to Bloody Rally Show – a head-on smash between frenetic top-down arcade racing and hyperviolent reality TV. You must drift, boost, and blast to keep the viewers entertained and your paymasters happy. Go full throttle and drive to survive! Includes local multiplayer mayhem for up to 4-players! Ø Story mode: Drive fast and dirty to complete seasons, earn cash and XP, and nab a place on the podium. Can you win your freedom and escape the Bloody Rally Show? Ø Deadly cars: Choose from a range of cars inspired by the infamous and banned-in-real-life Group B rally class. Upgrade and unlock new vehicles for an ever more reckless ride! Ø Infinite number of circuits: A mix of handcrafted and randomly generated racetracks means there’s always a new challenge, with endless layout possibilities, as well as various surfaces, weather conditions, and track hazards! Ø Participate in ‘Special Races’: Drive a huge car and cause maximum damage. Complete a race with the throttle stuck on 100%. Assassinate targets spectating trackside. All this madness and more! ØWeapons: Enjoy the spectator splattering Pedestrian Cannon! Explode rivals with the shrubbery-tastic Homing Hedge! A variety of deadly weapons await in specific races and Battle mode ØCompete with friends and rivals: Race and battle against up to four friends in local multiplayer for the most fun and chaos! Prove your driving prowess and claim a spot on the leaderboards! ØPlay as a pedestrian: Take a break from driving and head trackside with your camera. Find the perfect spot to take photos and get extra close to the action! Just try to avoid becoming roadkill…

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