If you think that Xbox fun is restricted to adventure and sports-themed games, you are mistaken! Gambling fans can experience top-quality entertainment not only in the best online casinos for free but also when playing at home on their Xbox consoles. Find out what casino-focused games are waiting for you out there!

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Casino Nights

Casino Nights is one of the titles that give you more variety than you could possibly ask for. The title comprises a wide range of gambling games accessible through Xbox. Developed by GZ Storm and launched back in 2010, it features software that is well-known to online casino lovers. 

Players have to collect trophies and improve their skills to progress further. The game does not offer a real-money feature, however, it is one of the best ways to practise gambling skills with no financial risk involved!

Pure Hold’em

This classic casino game is available on both Xbox One and PS4. It belongs to the VooFoo Studio, which boasts a number of successful products known to players in real-money online casinos. The game is extremely engaging and promises quality fun that many competitors can’t offer. Advanced design and graphics make the game even more stunning!

Players get to enjoy multiple options when playing Pure Hold’em. You can create and also participate in tournaments with eight people at the same time! For all of you who look for an interesting game for a weekend night-in – Pure Hold’em sounds like the best choice out there!

The Four King Casino and Slots

This gambling-related game was long a popular choice for PlayStation lovers. After years of this successful release, the game finally can be played also on Xbox. This title comes with plenty of incredible features, such as a multiplayer option that allows you to enjoy the game with literally anyone in any part of the globe!

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Before you start playing, you build an avatar that will later represent you throughout the game. Get ready to make yourself busy playing roulette, slots, poker and bingo. Quite a selection, won’t you admit! This ultra-social game will guarantee you long hours of incredible fun accompanied by other gambling fans online!

Grand Theft Auto 5 and Diamond Casino

We cannot forget about the famous GTA 5 and Diamond Casino. However it’ not a fully dedicated casino game (we all know what GTA is about), it made GTA 5 truly famous. As long as players are 18 or older they can visit the Diamond Casino and Resort placed in Los Santos and buy casino chips with real money to enjoy virtual casino games. This is something revolutionary and allows you to feel almost real casino experience! For that reason Diamond Casino has been blacklisted among 55 countries such as Israel,Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, or Poland. However blacklisting casinos in Israel or Arab Emirates seems to be something obvious, Polish players have not expected they would not be able to enjoy the exciting feature in the game (Read more about it on dedicated casino guide in Poland). 

Prominence Poker

If you never get tired of multiplayer games that let you socialise with others – Prominence Poker might be of your interest. This casino-themed game, which focuses entirely on poker, is doubtlessly the best choice for Xbox players who love this classic gambling title.

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It is free to play and has been available on the market since 2016. You can engage in different games with other poker lovers and test your skills, competing with players in various locations. Ready for the challenge?

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Xbox Gambling VS Real Casinos

If you are looking for a real money casino substitute in an Xbox game – you might not succeed. Both physical and online casinos run on different terms than console games but this should not necessarily be seen as a drawback. Those two opposite worlds complete each other and give gambling fans more variety than ever before.

Now, when the world has taken a slightly unexpected turn and people still have to struggle to comply with the rules of the new reality, online casinos and Xbox titles seem to be of special value. Game developers clearly see this, too, as more and more games emerge on the market (to our happiness!). If you are a gambling fan, make the most out of two worlds and do not limit yourself to one game only. Try out different options to see what works for you best – especially that there are dozens of games available for free and they do not involve real cash gambling!