castle crashers remastered

The Behemoth are back with Castle Crashers…just this time it’s been fully remastered and is appearing on Xbox One!

Available now from the Xbox One Games Store, Castle Crashers Remastered brings the smash hit Xbox 360 Arcade title smashing its way onto the new generation of consoles with a remastered version that brings the original game fully up-to-date.

You can pick it up now for £11.99, or try a free version if you are that way inclined. Whilst we brought you the news that all previous owners of the game on Xbox 360 were to get the game for nothing on Xbox One, that doesn’t currently seem to be the case. There seem to be a few issues with the game on the store atm, so here’s hoping things get sorted asap but the following tweet from The Behemoth seems to indicate that they are onto it.

Edit: The issues have now been fixed. All previous owners of Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 have until the 20th Sept to download the game for free. After that, it’ll be a fiver!

But hey, helping the devs out with a bit of cash isn’t the end of the world…is it?

Game Description:

“Hack, slash, and smash your way to victory in this Remastered edition of the popular 2D arcade adventure from The Behemoth! If you fancy co-op games, why don’t you try our new favorite fancy co-op game: Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime – available now! At 60FPS, Castle Crashers Remastered delivers hi-res visuals like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Up to four friends can play locally or online and save your princess, defend your kingdom, and crash some castles! Featuring: •Unlock more than 25 characters and over 40 weapons! •Intuitive combo and magic system: Unlock an arsenal of new attacks as your character progresses through the game. •Level up your character and adjust Strength, Magic, Defense, and Agility. •Adorable animal orbs are your companions. Each adds different abilities to aid you on your journey. •Arena mode: Battle other players in free-for-all or team matches! •Back Off Barbarian mini game: Jump and hop across the level to avoid the enemies! •Insane Mode: Test your skills in the ultimate campaign challenge

Move on over to the Xbox One Games Store in order to get your hacking fix!



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