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Castlevania Lords of Shadow now free thanks to Xbox Games With Gold


Can’t find anything new to play in this quiet gaming period? How about checking out a golden oldie for nothing? Well, thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August 2019, you can now get access to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Xbox for free.

Available to download right now for absolutely nothing on Xbox 360, and then playable on Xbox One thanks to the power of Backwards Compatibility, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a bit of a cult hit, having first released on Xbox 360 back in 2010.

Now though we find this Hideo Kojima production available for nowt, with the Games With Gold scheme stripping the usual £19.99 price tag until the end of August 2019. Of course, as with all the Games With Gold freebies, you’ll need a little Gold subscription in place in order to make the most of what is being gifted, but from there on out you’re good to run with this Castlevania reboot.

No matter whether you have played LOS previously, or are coming in cold to discover what is so good about it matter little, for all you need to worry about is that by getting that download in within the next couple of weeks, you’ll have the chance to pop into the shoes of young Gabriel as he heads off on a quest to understand why the world he is on is on the brink of destruction. Revenge is sweet, and in Castlevanie: Lords of the Shadow, it’s sweeter than most.

If you want to know more about the free gifts coming the way of Xbox One and Xbox 360 players throughout August 2019 and beyond, then make sure you check out our in-depth look at the Xbox Games With Gold titles that are in play. And then you can head over to the Xbox Store and get your free download of this game in. It’ll no doubt be perfect as something to tide you over to the big game releases happening in the weeks ahead.

Game Description:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow™ Left as a foundling at the gates of the Brotherhood of Light convent they named him Gabriel and raised him as their own. Over the years he developed an unprecedented mastery of the fighting arts. Prone to dark moods he was deeply affected by the death of his one true love, Marie. He has now embarked on a quest at the request of the Elders of the Brotherhood to discover why the World is in chaos and within him lies a burning desire for revenge on those who took his beloved.

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