fortnite mainframe break pack

Already bored with what was found in the most recent Fortnite Mecha-Pop Pack? In need for some additional V-Bucks? The Fortnite Mainframe Break Pack is able to provide new options and more V-Bucks – and all for a very cheap price. 

The Fortnite Mainframe Break Pack will set you back a mere £3.19, which frankly is silly money for something attached to the gaming phenomenon. Don’t think that the low asking price means this is a pack not worthy of consideration though, for should you purchase it from the likes of the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (or any of the other formats Fortnite is on), you’ll be treated to some lovely stuff. 

There are no less than 600 of the finest V-Bucks present and correct in the Mainframe Break Pack, and it’s those which kick things off. From there though the focus lies on Zoe Clash and Sgt. Shiba as they look to amend the Fortnite world in more ways than one. 

Due to that, the Mainframe Break Pack will then give access to the Zoe Clash Outfit, the Sgt. Shiba Back Bling, a Beep & Boop Pickaxe and a wrap, that of the Sticker ‘Em Up. 

As is pretty much standard, you’ll be able to use the V-Bucks as you so wish across both the Battle Royale and the Creative modes. From there though, you’re pretty much good to go with the customisation this brings.

Let us know if you decide to pick this one up. We’d love to know if these Fortnite additions are of interest – the comments are down below and you’ll find us on the usual social channels.

DLC Description:

Zoe Clash & Sgt. Shiba are more than willing to change the protocols in their favor. Make sure they are on your side with the Mainframe Break Pack!

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