resident evil 25th anniversary mug

Come March 22nd 2021, Resident Evil will be found celebrating a cool 25 years of existence. And what better way is there to commemorate the birth of a gaming icon than by picking up some brand new official merch. That’s where Numskull Designs come in. 

Having previously worked wonders with official Xbox gear, Halo goodies and a Crash Bandicoot range that still tops our wanted charts, Numskull know a thing or two about what gamers want and with their new Resident Evil range of items, they look to have nailed the situation once more. 

Probably THE most iconic of survival horror franchises, Resident Evil has been going great guns since that first game released back in 1996. With a full Resident Evil HD Remaster ready to hammer home the fears, and numerous titles released since, there’s possibly not a person in the land who hasn’t at one time or another fallen for the series. In fact, there are so many games that we were prompted to rank them all – from a Jill Sandwich to Kumbaya and Beyond. Let us know what your favourite Resi game of all time has been in the comments below. Maybe the upcoming Resident Evil Village will be good enough to top it, or perhaps it is the spin-offs that float your boat.

resident evil snapback

Anyways, that anniversary needs celebrating and Numskull are doing it in style with their Official Resident Evil Merchandise range. That includes an Umbrella Lamp, a snapback, a mug, metal pin badges, some rather snazzy looking shades, an Umbrella themed charging mat and both USB-C LED cables and thumb grips. There’s pretty much something to cover all bases in fact, with full details of each as follows:

  • Umbrella Lamp – Show off you’re part of the shady Umbrella Corporation with this 3D moulded lamp. Spruce up your living area by placing this lamp on your desk, wall or shelf. Featuring an easy on/off switch the lamp is a must have for any Resident Evil fan and is a true test to show your true colours! Powered by USB-C (cable included) or 3 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Iconic Items To Remember – Make sure you never forget the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series with these commemorative items to add to your collection. These special edition items include premium-quality hard enamel metal pins, fashionable snapback and ceramic mugs and are the perfect collector’s items
  • Umbrella Corporation and R.P.D. Sunglasses – Prepare for the sunshine with these stylish sunglasses sporting the R.P.D. and Umbrella Corporation logo.
  • Umbrella Corporation Charging Mat – Are your devices chomping down on your power? Then grab this charging mat emblazoned with the Umbrella Corporation logo which wirelessly charges your items without needing to connect a cable!
  • Umbrella Corporation USB-C LED Cable and Thumb grips – Tired of having out of charge controllers? Or maybe the joysticks are a bit too slippy for optimal game performance? Maybe you just want a bit more Umbrella in your life? If so, then this light up LED USBC cable (1.5m/5ft) and thumb grips pack is perfect for any current-generation gaming set-up (Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S).
resident evil pins

To view the full range of Numskull Resident Evil goodies, head over to Numskull direct. Let them know we sent you. 

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