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Card games have been around for hundreds of years, with enough variations and rules to ensure that there is something available for everyone. But one of the most recent of card-playing options is that of UNO, a game that is now celebrating its 50th anniversary. And what better way to do that in video game form than by throwing out a new DLC pack. The UNO 50th Anniversary DLC is tempting too, as not only is it full of bling, but new cards and visuals come as standard. 

Available to purchase, download and add into your base game of UNO on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, UNO 50th Anniversary DLC is the latest downloadable content pack to hit the game. With the likes of Fenyx’s Quest delivering the Immortals angle, and both a Just Dance and Rayman theme also present, there are a host of options already in place. It’s just now we’ve got something else to consider. 

The 50th Anniversary DLC for UNO will set you back £2.39, yet for that price you’re getting something magical. An all-new premium card pack is front and centre of the additions, allowing you to play some silky smooth velvety black cards down as you see fit. 

Further to that though is a special, and highly exclusive 50/50 card, along with an elegant gold coin. Place this, toss the coin and you’ll get to decide which of your fellow UNO competitors has to draw an extra four cards. 

With the standard UNO rules covering the rest of the action, if you’re wanting to celebrate the half century of UNO card playing, this is most definitely a pack you’ll want to consider adding in. 

You’ll find it on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Of course, you’ll need the base game to hand in order to use it. If you’re not playing on Xbox, expect to find the same content on your format of choice.

DLC Description:

Get on your black-tie best and celebrate 50 years of Being Wild™ with UNO® 50th Anniversary DLC! It’s all the fast-paced fun and unpredictable twists you love, now in a stylish, all-new, premium card pack. With exciting new mechanics and a gorgeous new board worthy of a golden anniversary, will YOU be the first to clear your hand and claim victory?


  1. Hey guys! Did you know that at the time this was written, this game hasn’t worked for over a year!! I’m serious! And here they are promoting DLC

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