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Season 7 of Rocket League may already be well under way, and we’re nearer the conclusion of the latest reward giver than the start, but a couple of new DLC add-ons have popped up onto the Xbox Store that may well excite. 

They come in the form of the Rocket League – Season 7 Rocketeer Pack and Season 7 Veteran Pack, with both delivering a host of new cosmetic items and in-game credits. 

The Season 7 Rocketeer Pack is the most expensive of the two, coming in at £16.99, but it will let you take charge of the Rocket League pitch like never before. 

It includes the Road Hog XL Starter Pack and this adds in the Road Hog XL car (obviously), with it coming in Sky Blue. You’ll also find similarly coloured Yuzo Wheels and Kinda Koi Decal, whilst it’s complemented by the Hypernova Boost and Lightspeed Trail. Expect to find 500 in-game Rocket League credits coming your way too. 

Purchasing the Season 7 Veteran Pack is an altogether cheaper experience. Priced at £4.49 this will let you burn rubber in the best possible way. The Endo car is included, this time in Crimson Paint, whilst the Revenant Wheels and Magic Missile Boost will ensure you look great out on the pitch. 

The Veteran Pack also comes with Equalizer Wheels and a Black Endo MG-88 Decal. And yes, 500 credits are included once again. 

With Rocket League totally free-to-play and available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch, should you be a fan of the RC-controlled soccer ’em up, then these latest two DLC add-ons may well be of interest. 

Let us know if you drop them into your game. 

Rocketeer Pack Description:

Hog the Rocket League pitch with the Road Hog XL Starter Pack! Unlock the Road Hog XL car (Sky Blue), Yuzo Wheels (Sky Blue), Hypernova Boost, Lightspeed Trail, Kinda Koi Decal (Sky Blue), and 500 Credits.

Veteran Pack Description:

Burn rubber with the Veteran Pack and unlock Crimson Painted versions of the Endo Car, Revenant Wheels, and Magic Missile Boost. Finish customizing your little firestarter with the Black Endo MG-88 Decal, Equalizer Wheels, and 500 Credits.

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