generation zero Schweet Vanity Pack

It took Avalanche Studios a few months to get things moving with Generation Zero, but now, hot on the heels of the recent free Tubular Vanity DLC comes the opportunity to embrace the Swedish sun with the Schweet Vanity Pack.

Available to purchase and download right now into your Generation Zero game comes a new set of gear which totally celebrates the arrival of summer. Priced up at £3.99, it’s a shame we’re not seeing this arrive for free like that which went before it, but should you be playing Generation Zero still, taking it to the hostile machines which come your way, then the cheap price point certainly makes this appealing.

So what do you get in the Generation Zero Schweet Vanity Pack? Well, how does four new outfits and five new emotes sound? Decent enough? Good, because that’s what you’re getting as you have the opportunity to mix between various articles from four stylish new sets, each with a unique combination of accessories, clothing and hairstyles. The Adventurer Set will see you kitted out just like you’ve burst out of the movies, whilst the Miami Set allows for a super cool look to come your way. Further still sees the Midsummer Set delivers pure Swedish folk attire with the Tourist Set combining socks and sandals. Always a good look that. 

Further additions via the Schweet Vanity Pack include five new emotes which give the chance to get your groove on with the air guitar, do the hip hop kneel and then proceed to start doing the Hustle and Prep dance moves. Or you can just kick back with the the midsummer classic – the Midsummer Dance.

Whatever way you wish to roll the Generation Zero Schweet Vanity Pack more than delivers the goods, throwing a bit of fun into the otherwise hostile world. You will of course need the base game to hand to ensure this DLC additions work – and if you wish to know more about that then our full review of Generation Zero on Xbox One should be taken in – but from there it just takes a trip to your local digital store. For us Xbox gamers, that means the Xbox Store.

If you do pick up this content, let us know all about it by posting in the comments below.

DLC Description:

The summer warmth has finally reached Sweden, and it’s time to celebrate Midsummer with some schweet new outfits from the 1980s. Mix between the various articles from four stylish new sets, each with a unique combination of accessories, clothing and hairstyles. Express your excitement with 5 stellar new emotes, and start dancing around the maypole. Adventurer Set: The Adventurer Set is the perfect outfit to tread through snow and sand alike. Looking like something straight out of a movie with your fedora, necktie, whip and an extra length of rope, you are ready to take on whatever the wilderness throws at you. While there thankfully aren’t any snake pits to fall into, hostile machines are definitely a’plenty. Miami Set: Fighting machines has never looked cooler with the Miami Set. Beaches and bag guys have been replaced with forests and bullets, but the attire is still as snazzy as ever. With those sunglasses, brightly patterned shirts and tailored suits, your targets don’t stand a chance. Midsummer Set: Summer in Sweden means midsummer celebrations, and midsummer celebrations aren’t complete without authentic Swedish folk attire and jumping around a maypole like a frog. So put on your floral hair wreath, tie your pants off at the knees and grab a dance partner. Just because the countryside is overrun with deadly machines doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the arrival of summer in true midsummer style. Tourist Set: Flash goes the camera as you manage to capture a perfect moment in time. So what if it’s rockets being shot your way by a Tank? This is your vacation and you are definitely going to make the most of it, fanny pack and all. Let the missing local population know you’re visiting with this flashy Tourist Set, and make sure to put on socks with those sandals, for the woods of Sweden await your exploration and your loud charm. Five New Emotes: Dance in the summer with style with these 5 choice emotes. Jump around the maypole with the Midsummer Dance, or just rock out to old 80s tunes with the Hustle and the Prep. Or simply get into your groove by jamming on your air guitar. The choice is yours.

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