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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, credit to Techland for continuing to push out new content for Dying Light, some six years after initial release. And here and now as 2021 continues to push forth we find new paid and free DLC dropping for the game, giving us the chance to celebrate the Year of the Ox and get our Viking kit on. 

Whether you are a veteran Dying Light player, or are only just beginning to realise why it is one of the best zombie games of all time, there are now two new pieces of content to enjoy, all thanks to Techland who are seemingly never going to give up with enhancing their game. Dying Light 2? Yeah, it would be nice but whilst the original is still being kept fresh, we can get by.

In place is the OX Warrior Bundle, a free DLC addition to Dying Light which will let you celebrate the new lunar year in the best way possible – by kitting up for the occasion and becoming an Ox warrior. With new threads in place and a new shotgun that will let you take down the enemy hordes ahead, you’d be a bit crazy to not bother picking it up. 

dying light ox warrior

Alongside that though comes a premium DLC drop – that of the Viking: Raiders of Harran bundle. This will set you back just £3.29, but will allow you the opportunity to become a real Viking, fully equipped with the new Aesir one-handed sword, the two-handed heavy axe known as Ragnarok, and Asgard’s Protector in place to allow you the chance to push back the masses with your favourite Viking Shield. 

It’s helped that you’ve got two new characters to consider utilising too – Bjorn The Warrior and Bjorn The Berseker, whilst creating your own fire versions of the weapons and shields is also doable. You know, because fire damage is THE best type of damage. 

But that’s not all and expect to also find a new Reinen buggy skin. And yep, you can turn that in to a fiery monster too. 

Should you wish to become the most feared of Vikings, or just want to traverse Harran with some new gear in tow, you’ll find the Xbox Store providing the goods for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players. You’ll also find the DLC bits available on PS4 and PC. 

Just remember you’ll need the base game of Dying Light in place first. 

Viking Description:

Who said Vikings did not fight zombies? They’d better get their facts straight because there seems to be a precedent in Harran. The deep has washed up a Norseman. What Norseman? – you’d ask. Why, you, of course! And you’ve never looked better. After all, what are some zombies compared to what you’ve already been through? Wars, bloodbath, plundering… Harran surely is just yet another place you’ll conquer. And we’re going to help you.

Ox Warrior Description:

A new lunar year has begun, bringing us into the Year of the Ox, a time to celebrate such virtues as strength, honesty, and patience. Needless to say, all these qualities are indispensable in a world taken over by zombies, so we plan to give them a place of honor. Become an ox warrior, and purge Harran of the infected with a new shotgun that will obliterate enemies standing in your way, setting on fire those who, by some miracle, survive the blast.

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