Gaming has grown over the years to the point that many people now have an interest in the industry. Even those who are not playing games know something about them. And this industry is only set to get bigger and better in the years to come. The gamer in your life has probably gone on and on about some developments which you may or may not understand. The key to the perfect anniversary gift lies in tailoring the present to match the needs of your partner. For example, when dating a foodie, it would be a great idea to spend an anniversary at a fine dining restaurant. Spending the day bungee jumping would be ideal for anyone dating an adrenaline junkie. Can you see where we are going with this? It thus follows that you should spend this special day doing something that your gamer would enjoy. Here are some fantastic ideas in this regard:

Attend a Convention

Gaming expos and conventions are the places to be for anyone who is into gaming. You get to connect with people with similar interests as well as be in the know of any upcoming games. For people with little knowledge of gaming, this experience would open your eyes to what this industry involves. You can try your hand at a game and head home with some skills to use in other releases.

An excellent example of such a convention is Penny Arcade Expo, abbreviated as PAX. This event was not always as big as it is now, and in the past, it would attract a few thousand attendees. Now, you are looking at an audience of more than seventy thousand people every year. It takes place in four different locations and is a great place to acquire more knowledge as to indie games. Here, you will come across developers out to impress you, and your gamer should have a great time.

For people living in the UK, how about attending the biggest expo in the region? The Eurogamer Expo is quite similar to the PAX in that there is something for all attendees. Here, you can try out new games as well as interact with people from all over the region.

And if you are looking for a large crowd coupled with impressive developers, ChinaJoy is the place to be. It attracts at least two hundred and fifty thousand people every year and showcases more than three thousand games. Attendees come from tens of different countries, making this a wholesome experience. It also helps that the region is home to some of the most skilled game developers.

The Xbox show is another great place to be where you wish to learn more about video games. It takes place in different regions and attracts a high number of like-minded people. Sift through these options and figure out what would appeal most to your significant other.

Play Games

While attending conventions is a fun way to spend the day, how about playing some games? You can try the best Xbox games on the market, such as Wither 3, the red dead redemption 2, Fallout 4, and Apex Legends. Playing together allows you to bond as a couple as you help each other up your skills. In this case, it will be more of your gamer, showing you the ropes and holding in laughter.

Games don’t have to centre around gaming, and you can veer off this theme for a while. Let your hair down and get into romantic scrabble, stripteases, poetry, and other games that help you relax. You could also create a scavenger hunt in your home to bring that virtual reality into the comfort of your space. With a few notes and clues leading the way, it should be a thrill to get back to the basics.

Get a Subscription

You could order takeout and spend the day indoors to give you more time together. And you can sweeten the deal by getting your partner a gaming subscription. Take the Xbox Live Gold subscription as an example. It is available at an affordable price, and the connection is pretty stable. Luckily for you, there are tons of subscription options, and you can have fun figuring out what works best for your partner.

In the end, it comes down to what would appeal most to your partner. All the best!