The humorous point and click adventures of Bwana and Kito in The Journey Down kicked off earlier in the month, but today they’re set to continue in The Journey Down: Chapter Two. Where will it takes us next?

After flying the seaplane to pastures new, Kingsport is behind them, with an oversight seeing the heroes plunge into the mist. In Chapter Two, Kito and Bwana find themselves in a spot of bother in the treacherous town of Port Artue, cornered by pirates. They’re still searching for the mysterious Underland and trying to find out the fate of their adopted father, Captain Kaonandodo. Players must interact with their surroundings in order to overcome obstacles and solve a number of inventory based puzzles.

With hand-drawn environments, a happy-go-lucky pair of characters to make you chuckle and plenty of problems to sort out, The Journey Down could be the next point and click adventure for you on Xbox One. We’d highly recommend a read of our Chapter One review first though, and then if it sounds like your kind of game, locate the Microsoft Store to purchase The Journey Down: Chapter Two for £15.99. Alternatively, the entire Trilogy is also available at a cost of £31.99, which enables access to all three chapters as they are released.

A review of the second chapter will be live in the near future, so if you’re unsure about buying it, just hang on till then.

Game Description:

Far below the noisy metropolis of St. Armando, Bwana follows in the footsteps of his lost father together with Kito and Lina. In their search for the mysterious Underland, they discover a dark conspiracy shrouding the fate of Captain Kaonandodo. In the second chapter, the plot thickens as our heroes plunge down into the mist below the Edge and wind up in the foggy and treacherous town of Port Artue where they find themselves cornered by pirates and on the run from the law. The Journey Down is a classic point-and-click saga with an Afro-Caribbean vibe. Features * A twisting tale of intriguing adventure * Tons of hand-painted environments * An all original jazzy reggae soundtrack * A fully voiced cast (English) * HD art and animations * English and German subtitles

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