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There are many out there who have been hotly anticipating the upcoming release of My Singing Monsters Playground on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch in November but today it’s time for the development team at Big Blue Bubble to build the hype, detailing not just additional game mechanics, but also the characters which will be involved. 

Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in November 2021, My Singing Monsters is an all-new party experience that is set in the renowned My Singing Monsters universe. And when it releases it’ll come with 7 of the biggest monster names possible with the likes of Mammott, Furcorn, Pom Pom, Entbrat, Pango, Congle and Kayna all present and correct. 

With these guys in place, players will be able to take control of their favourite monster before competing in a tournament of monster proportions. It’ll be a great way of allowing fans of the franchise the chance to see their favourite monsters come to life in a 3D world. 

But aside from the standard garb that each of the seven monsters will come with, there will be three unlockable costumes present too. Further to that a variety of game modes will be in place as well, letting players take on their friends or play solo in three different modes – Party Tournament, Single Player Gauntlet or Free Play. There will be a mix of 2v2 games too and with more than 20 games in place, everyone and anyone will be able to battle it out for Singing Monster supremacy. 

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as to how My Singing Monsters plays out in the months ahead of that November launch. Give the latest trailer a watch if you’ve got a few minutes though – it may well make you a bit of a fan…

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