Got a spare £5000? Fancy using it to kick off the bidding on a one-of-a-kind Steel Rats Collector’s Edition?

We’ve seen many an auction in the gaming world but there has quite possibly been nothing like this before as the one-of-a-kind Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collectors Edition is going up for sale – and the bidding will start at £5000.

The action arcade inspired motorbike combat game that is Steel Rats releases on November 7th on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One release rocking up shortly after, but whilst many will be happy to stick to the standard base game, there will no doubt be many more out there who fancy getting involved in a charity auction that sees the selling of a 9-foot tall, 1700 pound metal junk robot.

It is this which is the star attraction of the Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collector’s Edition and with the bidding set to start at £5000, the likes of Special Effect, Make a Wish, Able Gamers and Gaming Aid will no doubt be in line for a little windfall.

Containing a life size full metal replica of the Screamer junk robot from the game, this 9-foot tall, 1700lb behemoth has been custom made from over 500 pieces of steel and scrap metal and doubles as a fully functioning demo station for the game, with no less than 5 working LCD screens installed. On top of this, the ‘Wreck and Ride’ collector’s edition also includes a ton of official merchandise – a special limited edition steel canister, branded whisky glasses, a T-shirt, stickers and pins – and three copies of the game on the platform of your choice.

The auction is kicking off today on eBay and will be open to anyone in Europe, Japan and North America to get involved with. Lasting for 10 days, any bids exceeding the opening figure will see 70% of the final sale price split between the four charities.

The four charities officially partnered with the campaign are Special Effect in the UK, Able Gamers in the US, Gaming Aid in Germany and Make a Wish in France. Each of these charities does exceptional work towards helping those living with a disability, harness the power of video games to improve quality of life and find new ways to enjoy their favourite past time.

If that all sounds a bit above your level, then you may also like to know that the pre-orders for the Steel Rats Deluxe Edition are now live in Europe – £15.99 will see you bag a copy, whilst just £13.59 will sort out Playstation Plus members. At launch for everybody the standard edition will be priced at £15.99 and the Deluxe Edition will be priced at £18.99

About Steel Rats:

A visceral and groundbreaking evolution of the 2.5D action-arcade genre, Steel Rats fuses destructive, octane-fuelled, motorbike combat and death-defying stunt gameplay, all set in a visually stylised, retro-future world. Switch between four unique and upgradeable characters as you wreak havoc and defend your city from an invading armada of junk robots

Tempted? Let us know in the comments! And make sure you watch the trailer too!

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