Bartlow’s Dread Machine xbox

The old timey arcade shooter, Bartlow’s Dread Machine, brought its early 20th century parlour game cabinet inspired experience to Xbox One and PC last September, but now Tribetoy and Beep Games have given it the biggest update so far. Let’s find out what’s in store next time you fire it up.

This new update for Bartlow’s Dread Machine adds all sorts of quality of life improvements and changes. These include allowing players to switch to another Agent character between levels, while the newly rebalanced difficulty settings can be altered mid-game. There’s even an option to start a separate new game playthrough without any of your upgrades, which could be ideal for playing through the adventure all over again with a friend. Furthermore, you’ll accrue cash quicker during the later levels to ensure you’ve got enough to afford the more advanced weaponry for the big battles.

“We’re very proud of what we accomplished with Bartlow’s Dread Machine, but as any creative person can tell you, there’s always more work to be done. We’ve listened to player feedback and tailored the experience in a way that takes all the criticisms we’ve received into consideration,” said  Matthew Hoseterey Co-Founder and Director of Design at Tribetoy. “With the holidays fast approaching, this new update makes it a perfect time to revisit Bartlow’s Dread Machine or jump into it for the very first time!”

Just in case you’re unaware, Bartlow’s Dread Machine is a twin-stick shooter involving metal figurines, which casts one to two players as government agents. Take on a series of escapades through New York, San Francisco, and more as they seek to rescue the kidnapped President Roosevelt from the forces of evil. It features a wealth of content with six worlds, 52 guns, and all manner of outfits to deck out your gumshoe. You can also unlock unique takes on historical characters, like Zombie General Custer, Nikola Tesla, and Annie Oakley.

Whether you own Bartlow’s Dread Machine on Xbox or PC, the latest update is free and is ready for your perusal immediately.

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