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It’s long been known that the most simplest of things can often turn out to be the best. And whilst we’re not going to sit here and proclaim that The Explorer of Night should be considered for Game of the Year 2020, the cheap asking price, the minimalist action and the opportunity to enjoy a most pleasant gaming experience should mean it’s one to at least consider purchasing.

Priced at £4.19 – with a launch discount dropping that down to a mere £3.77 – The Explorer of Night is minimalist in every way; the price, the visuals, the gaming skill requirements. It’s a game that tasks you with kicking back with a controller in hand, intent on beating the levels that are pushed out your way, as you go about defending yourself from a multitude of foes and spend time enjoying the chance to do so.

Unoffensive, simple gaming – and it’s helped that The Explorer of Night by Alexandr Bondarenko (published by Xitilon) just so happens to promise an interesting puzzle system and cute little story along the way.

If you wish to get to know how all this works then the usual download route should be taken in. That means heading to the Xbox Store, splashing out that massive asking price – seriously, it’s super cheap and is hardly going to break the bank – and just enjoying what comes thereafter. We’ll most probably have a few thoughts about how things work in our upcoming review of The Explorer of Night on Xbox One too. Keep an eye out for it.

Let us know if you decide to pick it up. The comments section is down below.

Game Description:

The Explorer of Night is an minimalist platformer, where you need to help the main character to get out of the forest, inhabited by unfriendly enemies and dangerous traps. In the game you will find interesting puzzles, boss fights and cute story.

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