Chess Ultra already looks gorgeous on Xbox One, but now it’s time for the style factor to be pushed up a notch as Ripstone team up with Purling London Chess to deliver a number of new chess sets to the masses. And my god they look stunning!

Available to purchase right now on Xbox One are four Chess Ultra X Purling London Chess Sets, all of which look absolutely brilliant. With £7.99 price tags in place, they may not be the cheapest bits of downloadable content you’ll ever find, but surely style comes at a price?

We think so and should you be a fan of Chess Ultra on Xbox One, should most definitely be considering a purchase of the following:

  • Chess Ultra X Purling London Nette Robinson Art Chess
  • Chess Ultra X Purling London Mr. Jiver Art Chess
  • Chess Ultra X Purling London Bold Chess
  • Chess Ultra X Purling London Olivia Pilling Art Chess

Purling London’s founder, Simon Purkis conceived of the company’s Art Chess line.
“I was playing chess on a beach against an old school friend of mine,” he explains. ”As the sun set over the sea, it became more and more difficult to differentiate between the chess pieces. I thought about an illuminated chess board and questioned why so many Staunton chess sets are brown-varnished wood—it seemed a wonderful opportunity to revamp the paradigmatic design with colour!

“I discovered the long history of art and chess (from historic Indian and Islamic games to modern artworks by Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama), but found that many artist designed chess sets were exquisitely beautiful, but impractical to play. I was inspired to collaborate with artists to create meaningful and handsome artworks based on the iconic Staunton shape. Tradition with a twist”

For more info regarding Chess Ultra on Xbox One, then you could do a whole ton worse than check out our full review of the game. If it’s chess you’re after, then there is quite possibly nothing better… especially if you have a like-minded friend or two who is up for a few matches.

Get yourself over to the Microsoft Store and pick them up now. You’ll find the sets also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, VR and PC too.

Chess Ultra X Purling London Bold Chess:
Purling London’s best-selling set. The vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces unite classic with contemporary and bring a colourful twist to the chess board. Each luxury hardwood piece has been finished with a deep, glossy lacquer and branded with leather felt, making the Bold chess set a timeless beauty to be treasured.
Chess Ultra X Purling London Olivia Pilling Art Chess:
Created by Northern-England based artist Olivia Pilling, each traditional Staunton piece in this set has been given a contemporary make-over with a rich colour palette and abstract design. Inspired by Russian folk art, the Olivia Pilling Art Chess set is incredibly stylish and guaranteed to make a statement on the chess board.
Chess Ultra X Purling London Mr. Jiver Art Chess:
Created by London based street artist Mr. Jiver, this Art Chess set features a distinctive graffiti style painted across each luxury Staunton piece. With a unique combination of vivid colours and masterful spray work, The Mr. Jiver Art Chess set is truly one of a kind.
Chess Ultra X Purling London Nette Robinson Art Chess:
Created by chess player and artist Nette Robinson, this exquisite chess set was inspired by the striking architecture of two Russian landmarks. The light pieces are based on Moscow’s domed cathedral; Christ the Saviour, whilst the dark pieces represent the patterns and colours of St Basil’s Cathedral.

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