children of morta shrine of challenge

It’s a game that has been pretty well received from all corners, but today Children of Morta is delivering a new free content update – the Shrine of Challenge. And yep, it promises to be just as tough as the name suggests.

Back in October 2019 we had the chance to head off into a distant land as Children of Morta launched on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, all whilst providing some proper traditional roguelike hack and slash elements, mixing things up with some glorious RPG fantasy. Today though it promises to deliver an even deeper experience as the free Shrine of Challenge updates hits home.

As you may expect to hear from something that comes along the lines of a ‘challenge’ the Children of Morta Shrine of Challenge update will bring in new modes (yay), new enemies (yay), new items (yay), a new UI (yay), a ton of balance tweaks (yay) and a new Hard Mode (ouchy).

Whilst the Bergson family may have fought the Corruption without a glimpse of respite, their journey is far from over, and it is the new Shrine of Challenge which marks the first stop on the 2020 roadmap of free updates, bringing with it a wealth of fresh content. The addition of Hard Mode provides an even greater challenge, yet you should expect to receive rewards to match it. Battle-hardened players will find themselves challenged at every turn. Along with new fight rules and enemies, all-new items are available to help the fearless Bergsons purge their homeland of evil. Are you up for the challenge?

If you’re up for it then the main features of the Shrine of Challenge include:

  • Hard Mode – Increased enemy damage and health, bigger XP rewards
  • New Enemies – Dark Blade and Mech Constructor
  • 18 New Items – Granite boulders falling from the sky, bolts of electricity lighting up your enemies, and so many more to discover
  • New UI with larger HUD option
  • Balance Tweaks for Normal Mode and other fixes

Think of yourself as a fearless hero? Let us know if you’ll be dropping back in to Children of Morta now that the Shrine of Challenge is here.

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