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It’s a busy day for Xitilon with release of Butterfly 2 and Synchro Hedgehogs already in the bag. But they are not done there and with the release of Smart Moves 2 that same team are looking to expand on the ‘choose your path’ puzzling gameplay that was found in the original game late last year. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Smart Moves 2 follows on from the original Smart Moves to provide another puzzling experience – one that just so happens to come equipped with some turn-based comb at mechanics to flesh the whole thing out. 

Priced at a mere £4.19, Smart Moves 2 will see you taking control of the ‘Hero’ as he looking to traverse his game world, opening chests and taking down monsters and enemies as he does. A logical puzzler, it’ll be up to you to decide when and where this hero moves to and from, dodging obstacles and working out the finest paths to glory as he goes. 

It’s a simple idea that – once you get the hang of how things will work – seems to follow the same lines as the previous game, working your way through a grid-like system, battling as you go. There are obviously changes though and in Smart Moves 2 you should expect to come up against some new foes with gnolls, bandits, slimes and even predatory flowers kicking around looking for action. 

If you enjoyed the original Smart Moves 2 and fancy taking the next step on the ladder, a purchase  of Smart Moves 2 should well be considered. If not, hold fire and give our upcoming read of the latest game a bit of your time – it’ll be with you in the days coming. 

A purchase of Smart Moves 2 can be yours by paying the Xbox Store a visit. 

Game Description:

“Smart Moves 2” is a pixel-art puzzle game with turn-based combat mechanics. Each game level is a puzzle with its own logical solution. To move to a new level, you need to open all the chests. The hero is chased by monsters, they either wait in hide, or immediately attack him with his first step. There are some new worlds added in SM2 with new enemies: gnolls, bandits, predatory flowers, bloodthirsty slimes. The hero defeats a monster when strike the enemy on the next square. Avoid being the first one within striking distance of the enemy! To stop hero moving and “skip” turn, the hero can smash some objects or destroy monsters. You can also use the portal. From the very first levels you learn step by step how objects interact with each other in the game world. Success is guaranteed!

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