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It’s all go on Game Pass, as yesterday’s leavers are followed up by a new game to the service, and the announcement of Ghostwire Tokyo, arriving on Xbox and Game Pass. 

Today’s game is Civilisation VI (or Civilization VI, if you want to go by the official americanized spelling). It’s available to all Game Pass subscribers on Console, Cloud and PC. It is, unfortunately, the base game, so doesn’t come with the full bevy of goodies that have been released for the game over the years, but there’s still enough content here to give you many sleepless nights – in a good way. Conquer the world with Gandhi: you know you want to!

Civilisation VI has been reduced heavily in Xbox Sales over the past few weeks, so the announcement that it’s arrived on Game Pass may be a cruel surprise for some. For others, though, it’s a bit of a treat. We reviewed it in the halcyon days of 2019 and gave it 5 out of 5, saying “Loyalty, Golden and Dark Ages, Natural Disasters and Climate Change all add extra layers to an already winning formula, and this bundle really elevates Civ VI on Xbox One into an even better game than it already is”. Not bad at all.

There is plenty of DLC, should you want to get the full experience. Perhaps sir or madam would like to purchase the Anthology Bundle, which brings the complete collection of all DLC together into one package.

Elsewhere, Microsoft have also announced the release date for Ghostwire Tokyo, which is a day-one Game Pass release. This is coming on 12th April, and we’re stoked to see what PlayStation players have been enjoying for the past year. It imagines a Tokyo where the entire population has gone missing and ghosts haunt the streets. 

March isn’t quite done with us, though. You can expect Ni no kuni II: Rise of a New Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition (Console and PC) on March 21st; MLB The Show 23 (Console) on March 28th; and Infinite Guitars (Console, PC) on March 30th.

Which civilization are you going to main? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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