Civilization VI Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack

Can you believe we are already up to the fifth major DLC offering in regards to the New Frontier Pass for the brilliant strategy game Civilization VI? Among those we’ve seen so far are the scientific Babylon community, the religious people of Byzantium, and the prosperous Maya folk. Now though, the Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack has arrived with further great additions such as new leaders, a new civilization, a fresh game mode, and another district to discover. 

There’s a lot to unpack here with the Civilization VI Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Arguably the most important aspect is that it’s reasonably priced at £7.39 via the Xbox Store, while New Frontier Pass owners won’t have to part with a single penny.

The introduction of Vietnam civilization sees Bà Triệu enter the fray as a leader. Lady Triệu fought against the occupation of northern Vietnam by the Wu Kingdom in the early 200s AD. She wore bright golden armor and carried a sword in each hand, while her prowess on the battlefield field – as well as her distinctive uniform – earned her the title “The Lady General Clad in Golden Robe”.

Here’s the full list of details surrounding all of the Vietnam additions:

  • Civ Unique Ability: Vietnam’s unique ability is “Nine Dragon River Delta.” All land specialty districts can only be built on Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods tiles. Buildings on each type of tile receive either additional Science, Production, or Culture. This ability also allows Woods to be planted with the Medieval Faires civic.
  • Leader Unique Ability: Bà Triệu’s unique ability, “Drive Out the Aggressors,” provides additional Combat Strength for units fighting in Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods tiles; this bonus is further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam. Beginning a turn in Rainforest, Marsh, or Woods also provides additional Movement, which is also further increased for tiles owned by Vietnam.
  • Unique Unit: Vietnam features the unique Medieval era ranged unit, the Voi Chiến . This unit can move after attacking and has additional Movement. It is more expensive than the Crossbowman unit it replaces, but is stronger when defending and has greater sight.
  • Unique District: The Thanh unique district offers additional Culture for each adjacent district. Once Flight is researched, the district generates Tourism equal to its Culture output. It does not require Population and is cheaper to build than the Encampment district it replaces.

We mustn’t forget about Kublai Khan though, who reigned from 1260 to 1294 AD and rather impressively created an empire that ran from the Korean Peninsula to the very edges of what is modern-day Baghdad. He was the ruler of the Mongolian Empire and founded the Yuan Dynasty in China, serving as Emperor there. As such, he’s available as an alternate leader to both Mongolia and China. His unique ability, ’Gerege”, provides one extra Economic policy slot in any government. Furthermore it grants a random Eureka and Inspiration when establishing a Trading Post in another civilization’s city for the first time.

If it’s a new game mode you’re after however, then ‘Monopolies & Corporations’ could fit the bill as it delivers robust economic gameplay, enabling you to build an economic empire and live out your fantasies of swimming in pools of coins – like Scrooge McDuck. You’ll be able to create an entire Industry around duplicate resources and these industries provide powerful buffs to their home cities as well as a steady supply of Great Merchant points. Collect enough of the points and you can eventually level up an Industry to a Corporation, which allows you to create products that are slotted into the Stock Exchange and Seaport buildings. Ultimately, you could become so successful that you can create a Monopoly!

And last, but not least, there’s a new district and two new buildings to make use of. The Preserve district is situated within a secluded area untouched by infrastructure. It can Culture-bomb adjacent unowned tiles, gain additional Housing based on Appeal, and increases the Appeal of adjacent tiles. Meanwhile, the two buildings are the Grove and the Sanctuary, which unlock with Mysticism and Conservation respectively. Both increase the yields of adjacent Charming and Breathtaking tiles that have not been improved too.

That’s everything you can expect to find in the Civilization VI Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack, so if you’re ready to get hands-on with it, go ahead and grab it now!

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