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If you’re looking for a reason to drive on the wild side, then GRID Legends will allow for it as the EA and Codemasters stables look to bring some Classic Car-Nage to the series with a new Demolition Derby game mode. But there’s more too, with an expansion to the Driven to Glory story mode.

Codemasters and EA have today released some Classic Car-Nage to GRID Legends, with an all-new adrenaline-fueled chaotic game mode. It comes in with some new story-based and cross-platform multiplayer DLC as an action-filled Derby-style interaction where drivers compete by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another, rewriting all existing racing rules.

Further to that, racers will get the chance to bring out their wildest racing instincts with new eclectic vehicles and compete with friends across four new tracks. And better still, new themed Stories as will a new patch including the Team Fordzilla – P1 race car as a free playable vehicle in the game.

It’s the new game mode which plays out as a special series of racing events that reacquaints players with the heroes from the ‘Driven to Glory’ story mode and delivers a no holds barred experience that pushes the GRID rule book to its limit. The first episode focuses on Valentin Manzi, brought to life by award-winning British actor Ncuti Gatwa, as he and the rest of the field wreak havoc through eight Classic Car-Nage story events.

Alongside that, you will also gain access to five new vehicles, including a fun-filled ice-cream truck, and four new routes across two locations, the prestigious Yokahama Docks and the intense heat of Havana. Three new sponsored Career Events will also be available with this expansion.

“Classic Car-Nage brings the cathartic and fascinating destructive experience of demolition derby into the GRID Legends universe,” said Steven Brand, Associate Creative Director at Codemasters. “New routes with multiple crossovers and ramps ensure plenty of opportunities for pile-ups, and story mode objectives allow players to work on personal strategies to survive the events. I’m looking forward to joining folks online to cause some mayhem!”

Classic Car-Nage’s online multiplayer interaction invites players to cause even more mayhem on track by challenging their friends, who can play the pack’s content for free.

There’s more though and as the real and virtual worlds combine, blurring the lines between the online and offline world, GRID Legends will also be attending Goodwood Festival of Speed during June 23rd to 26th in collaboration with Team Fordzilla, Ford’s first-ever esports team which builds on the brand’s real-world racing heritage by competing at the highest level on the virtual racing stage. Together with Ford, the brands will be launching an exciting car model called TFZ-P1, designed by gamers for gamers, which fans will be able to test, drive and experience both inside and outside of the game. Not only will a full-scale model of the car be present at Goodwood, it will be included in the game as a free exclusive playable vehicle for all players. An in-game event will accompany the debut of the car, where players can compete to achieve the fastest lap time from June 23rd to July 29th July.

“After months of working together with gamers all around the world, we are thrilled to see our TFZ-P1 model making its debut in the celebrated and thrill-inducing GRID Legends game. We want people to experience the excitement of driving a Ford wherever they are and on whatever platform they play. I hope gamers everywhere enjoy our new racer and, for those racing enthusiasts attending Goodwood, they will even be able to drive it in the game while sitting in the actual car!”, said Boris Ferko, Design Manager, Ford of Europe.

GRID Legends’ new Demo Derby-style game mode, Classic Car-Nage, is available for purchase today on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. Deluxe Edition owners will get instant access to this content pack.

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