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Admit it – there is nothing better than some proper old-school run-and-gun platforming. After all, it’s what kept the games industry alive during the barren years. Thankfully there is still a place for this type of gameplay in the modern scene and with the launch of Bucket Knight on Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and Nintendo Switch, things are opening up to a whole new audience.

Available to purchase and download this very instant from the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store or the Nintendo eShop, Bucket Knight is being delivered by the team at Sometimes You to allow gamers to get access to a cheap – and hopefully rather cheerful – run and gunner.

Priced at a mere £4.19, Bucket Knight sees you jumping into the shoes of said Knightas he heads out on to a mission of wealth. See, even knights have to pay their bills and this lonely fella needs to grab money any which way he can. The Holy Grail is the source of all income in the land of Bucket Knight and by exploring dungeons, taking down enemies and working your way past traps, success could well be found.

Features include:
– Explore dangerous dungeons filled with traps, treasures and… food?
– Various enemies that will try to shoot you, stab you, explode you or will try to be your friend… nevermind, just shoot at them
– Multiple weapons for every honorable knight taste
– Deadly traps that you never want to put at your home (but maybe at your ex home)
– Gold, gems and treasures
– There is no text in the game and the story is told through visuals

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes to stay alive and make some moolah – and don’t fancy heading into space with Vostok Inc – then Bucket Knight may well scratch an itch. Our full review will be fast incoming to let you know whether that is indeed the case or not. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking it up.

Game Description:

Bucket Knight is a classic run-and-gun platformer game. Even knights still have to pay taxes, loans and alimony. Help unnamed but brave knight in his sacred mission to find the Holy Grail (and make some money). Explore dungeons, slay enemies, avoid traps, stay alive and get rich!

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