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Ever wondered who cleans up after your trails of destruction in videogames? I bet you’ve never even blinked an eye at the thought. I certainly haven’t. And now we don’t need to think about it, because we can experience what it is like, also in videogame form. Serial Cleaners is out today on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Hot off the heels of PowerWash Simulator is another clean ‘em up in the form of Serial Cleaners. In the late ‘90s the New York mob couldn’t care less about the mess they leave, but that does also mean they leave plenty of evidence. As a crime scene cleaner in their employment, you need to make sure there is nothing remaining to tie them to the acts of violence.

You will need to sneak and stealth your way around the crime scenes, avoiding detection from cops and other miscreants. Armed with a vacuum cleaner – for the bloodstains, naturally – you must gather evidence and bodies to make sure your mob bosses aren’t suspected. Choose your cleaner from one of four available cleaners – up from just the one in the original Serial Cleaner – each with their own particular set of skills. Find the right one for each job and leave no stone unturned. Or covered in blood.

Bob Leaner returns but this time he is aided by several other cleaners. These are introduced in the opening moments of the game. And we have it on good authority that no knowledge of the first game is required.

Serial Cleaners is on the Xbox Store now priced at £19.99. We will have a review coming soon, once we’ve cleaned up our punctuation almost as good as our crime scenes.

Game descriptionSerial Cleaners is a top-down stealth-action game, where you get to experience being a murder scene cleaner for the mob in 1990s New York. Get rid of the bodies, make the place spotless, and don’t get caught. Plan every step and move like a ghost or trust your reflexes and thrive in chaos. The choice is yours. Alternate between four characters, each with a unique skill set opening up new possibilities. Serial Cleaners’ setting—inspired by cult ‘90s movies—will bring back fond memories of the more carefree decade, full of brightly colored optimism… and the grime underneath it all.

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