If ever there were a ‘dumb’ game, Clicker Heroes was it. Smashing a single button forever more, in the hope that you’ll dish out enough damage to hundreds and thousands of static enemies shouldn’t ever be exciting. But strangely it is, and the draw of Clicker Heroes is immense. Anything that can therefore help you out in the clicking department is therefore good in our eyes and today a brand new piece of DLC has arrived for Clicker Heroes on Xbox One. Zombies anyone?

Available right now for £7.99 is the Zombie Auto-Clicker for Xbox One. As you would expect, this help take a bit of the pressure off of your fingers, giving you access to 1 Auto Clicking mechanic, with it all wrapped up in a special Zombie themed skin. With Halloween just around the corner, surely this is the ultimate Clicker Heroes add-on?

If you need a hand, or just want a bit of a rest from the constant clicking that is required to beat Clicker Heroes, then make sure you get yourself over to the Microsoft Store and purchase this downloadable content.

If however you know little about Clicker Heroes and wish to know more, you could do worse than hit up our full review. But beware – once you start the clicking, it is very hard to stop!

DLC Description:

Take some load off your fingers with this brand new special edition Zombie Auto Clicker. You will receive 1 Auto Clicker and the special Zombie skin.

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