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Every second counts in the mechanical world of Watchtower with the debut game from Australian outfit, Gamesoft seeing you going back in time in Clockwork.

Appearing later this year on Xbox One, PS4. PC and mobile devices, Clockwork comes with gorgeous hand drawn 2D art and the inclusion of time bending gameplay…and it looks a very interesting prospect indeed. Players will discover the city of Watchtower divided; with the polluted factories of the industrial slums below and the huge gleaming towers above. The story centers around a young boy, Atto and his clockwork companion Milli, from whom he gains the power to duplicate himself and it is from here that the puzzles in Clockwork open up.

You’ll be able to see more of Clockwork at GDC in a week or twos time. No doubt more info will be dropping about the game then so we’ll let you know more as we have it!

IGN have the reveal trailer and you can view it just below.



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