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Back at E3 you may remember the announcement of Clubs on Xbox One. Well good news, the feature – along with a few others – is seemingly rolling out right now.

MajorNelson has detailed (and then seemingly swiftly deleted his post) regarding the latest update for Xbox One and the Xbox app on Win10, Android and iOS. They are rolling out from today and will help unite gamers in a way that has never been seen before.

Edit: So it seems the Major was a bit quick to hit the publish button and Clubs is not yet rolling out to Xbox One. He’s made that pretty clear via Twitter so unfortunately we’re going to have to hold on a little longer. Shame – but we can wait 🙂

Edit the edit: And we’re now live again with the Clubs feature and all that below rolling out right now to Xbox One preview members. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

Full details are below…if you’re in the Preview scheme keep an eye out for them arriving on your machine soon. If you’re not, then you’ll need to wait until they release fully, along with other features, later this year.

Clubs on Xbox Live

Clubs are gamer-created and managed groups that can help you meet people and grow communities of gamers who love the same things you do. Anyone can join or create a Club and you’ll probably see a Club for just about everything. For example, I created a Club for all the gamers in my neighborhood so we can coordinate gaming nights where we play all of our favorite titles together.

As a Club member, you’ll be able to chat, set up parties, play games, and share content with the Club across Xbox One and – through the Xbox app – Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. You can search for Clubs (or create your own) in the Community tab. Clubs associated with a game will be accessible in the title’s Game Hub. You’ll even be able to use Cortana voice commands to find and jump into Clubs on Xbox One. As a Club moderator, you’ll have the tools to ensure that everyone is having a great time and help create a lively and inclusive environment. Reserve your Club name today as no two can be the same!

Looking for Group (LFG) on Xbox Live

LFG helps you quickly find other players that you want to game with and works with any title on Xbox Live that has a Game Hub. It’s like posting a gaming “want-ad” to the Xbox community. Need to do daily quests or on the hunt for certain Halo 5: Guardians achievements? We have you covered – just create a LFG post. You’ll be able to add certain requirements to make sure that you’re finding the right gamers. You can specify the game, the game mode, how many people you need, rules like no trash talking or casual friendly, and any other in-game requirements like level, gear or character type.

In a nutshell, here’s how LFG works: gamers can browse open LFGs and request to join the ones that they’re interested in. The LFG host chooses from the list of gamers who have expressed interest and, once the group is full, they can quickly get those people into party chat and start playing. Quick, easy, and simple. Whether you’re playing a FPS on Xbox One or your favorite PC title – with LFG – you can quickly find other gamers to play with on Xbox Live. As with Clubs, Preview members will start seeing LFG today on Xbox One and then the feature will rollout afterwards to Windows 10 and mobile devices via the Xbox app.

Improved Gamerscore Leaderboard.

We’ve improved the Gamerscore Leaderboard on Xbox One and Windows 10 devices via the Xbox app to make it faster and more reliable. The Leaderboard also now resets at the beginning of each month instead of displaying results for a 30-day rolling period, meaning you and your friends now have a clean slate to compete against one another at the start of each month!

Emojis for your Xbox One virtual keyboard.

Emojis will be joining your virtual keyboard on Xbox One! In addition to the existing alphabet and symbols that you can use, you’ll now be able to express your likes, dislikes and more with a host of different emojis on Xbox Live. Once on your virtual keyboard, you can get to emojis by pulling the right trigger until they show up. From there, press and hold on an emoji and you’ll get more versions of the one you’ve selected.

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