code vein hellfire knight

Looking to continue your Code Vein adventure? The first DLC addition is now here and with the Hellfire Knight content drop you’ll discover all manner of new foes, weaponry, Blood Veils and more. 

Available right now for Code Vein players to enjoy on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, Hellfire Knight is the first of three planned DLC packs to hit the game between now and March 2020, with this providing ample opportunity for anyone wishing to carry on the already stunning adventure. 

This new DLC will set you back £7.99, but for that price introduces a new side story culminating with a brand new boss fight against the frightening Hellfire Knight. Yet as well as being able to tackle this new threat, players who decide to fall in with the new content can access a new blood code, three new weapons and alternative partner costumes.

But that’s not all and further still if you’re looking to sink your teeth into new challenges then that is exactly what await in the Depths – The Fiery Oblivion – a new area packed with powerful enemies.

The latest trailer detailing all of this can be found below and we urge you to give it a little watch. From there, the usual digital stores will sort you out with a purchase of Code Vein Hellfire Knight. Unless of course you purchased the Season Pass, in which case access will magically become yours. 

If you wish to know more about Code Vein and how it plays out, hit up our full review of the game on Xbox One, or our little tips and trick piece covering the 5 Hardest Bosses in Code Vein

DLC Description:

New powerful foes await in the first CODE VEIN DLC, Hellfire Knight. In addition to new weapons, Blood Veils, and blood codes being added, alternate costumes for your partners are now obtainable from newly added areas in the Depths. This add-on is also available as part of CODE VEIN Deluxe Edition, which features both the full game and the Season Pass that gives access to additional DLC.

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