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Thought you were good enough to move mountains and work a miracle? The latest Rock Band 4 DLC will certainly be taking you to paradise.

Dropping onto the Rock Band 4 library right now are two new tunes, from a couple of the world’s biggest bands. Yep, forget about the obscurities and one-hit wonders that have previously arrived to deliver new content to the game, for this time round we are seeing the arrival of musical masterpieces from Coldplay and Fall Out Boy.

Priced up at £1.59 each – you know, the regular RB content price – are the following two tunes…

  • “Uma Thurman” – Fall Out Boy
  • “Paradise” – Coldplay

Now, should you be looking to get the band together this weekend, or have a session planned later in the week, then the arrival of Paradise and Uma Thurman will surely whet the appetite. Obviously there are a whole ton of other Rock Band 4 tunes you could be set to jam with – in particular those included in the Coldplay Collection 01 for instance – however when the likes of these songs appear, and the quality is high, you’d be crazy to miss out on them.

To get either the Coldplay offering or the madcap Fall Out Boy tune added to your library, you’ll just need to visit a digital store near you. We highly advise the Xbox Store – what with us being focused on the Xbox way of life – but should you prefer to game on the other side of the line, then the PlayStation Store will sort out all PS4 band members.

Let us know in the comments below or on the usual social media channels if you think the latest songs are worth an addition to your library. If not, what type of tunes are you after? We’d love to hear from you.

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