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We’ve seen Ultimate Game run a variety of routes in recent times, with a slew of new game announcements building the hype for console and PC players – Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 for instance. But it seems like there is no slowing down yet as Ships 2022 gets announced. 

Coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Ships 2022 is a mix of an economic strategy game with simulator elements, along with mechanics of an all-action experience. And as you could probably guess from the name, Ships 2022 will give you the chance to manage your own port before setting out on a variety of independent sea expeditions. 

Due to release on PC first, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch to follow, Ships 2022 has been created by those at Games Box S.A, with Ultimate Games then covering the publishing angle. 

“Ships 2022 is a continuation of Ships 2017 and at the same time a completely new and fresh opening for the brand. We are preparing very diverse gameplay, which will consist of a strategic and a simulation part. In the first one, we will manage the development of our own port complex – here Ships 2022 will be an extensive economic strategy. The second half of the game, however, will consist of conducting various sea expeditions, where we will manage, for example, a tanker or a rescue unit in order to perform specific tasks” – said Tomasz Supeł, CEO at Games Box S.A.

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A full open world is promised, along with ports modelled on real-world locations. With a various number of container ships, tankers, cruise ships, icebreakers, rescue units and more, there are a host of boat types to enjoy too. Throw in a daily time system and changing weather conditions and there is hope for Ships 2022. 

“Ports and ships constitute one of the key elements in the entire bloodstream of international trade. In Ships 2022, we want to bring players closer to this fascinating world. Managing the port complex, as well as individual units and employees, will be a refreshing challenge for fans of economic strategies. The ability to independently lead various sea expeditions will, in turn, be a great diversion, as there is no place for boredom here either – there’s something really special in sailing the seas and oceans” – added Tomasz Supeł.

Features include:

  • economic strategy focused on port management;
  • sea expedition simulator;
  • seas and oceans from all over the world;
  • many ship types;
  • open world and random events.

Give the reveal trailer below a little watch and then let us know if you’ll be heading in to the world of Ships 2022 when it arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam

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