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It seems like first-person shooters inspired by games of the ’90s are enjoying a resurgence right now. Thanks to the 2016 reboot, DOOM is more popular than ever. So much, in fact, that the original trilogy was re-released on Xbox One last year. Following in the footsteps of the excellent shooter Ion Fury, Project Warlock has now landed on the Xbox One after launching on PlayStation 4 and Switch days earlier.

Project Warlock looks and feels much like the games it was inspired by – Doom and Wolfenstein. In Project Warlock, you will take control of an unnamed character and complete levels by shooting your way through hordes of enemies and imposing bosses. Equip an arsenal of deadly weapons, including double-barreled shotguns, a pair of light machine guns and hefty miniguns, and lay waste on your foes.

Who are your foes? Ugly malformed demons who don’t deserve your pity. Enjoy one-liners inspired by cinema classics, such as “Groovy” (Evil Dead) and “Yeah, I feel lucky” (Dirty Harry). With a grand total of 60 levels, Project Warlock takes you on a rampage from frozen Antarctica all the way to the hell itself! And an extensive upgrade system ensures that gameplay won’t become stale.

Upgrade your arsenal or bestow weapons with new properties. Conventional firearms ain’t your thing? Try a number of powerful spells and improve them just like you would anything else. Every advantage counts because Project Warlock doesn’t pull any punches. There’s no auto-save and you must complete each level before earning the privilege to save your progress. A classic lives system brings you to the beginning of the level if you run out, and on the hardest difficulty setting it brings you back to the beginning of the game.

Sounds like a great time, doesn’t it? Grab Project Warlock on the Xbox Store right now for just £12.99. With generally favourable reviews on PC, it’s a safe bet. But for more insight on how it runs on the Xbox One, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming review – it’ll be with you very soon.

Game Description:

One man and his guns. Become a mysterious Warlock who embarks onto a dangerous mission to eradicate all evil. Put your finger on the trigger and travel through time and space to wreak havoc like in the golden days of fast paced, adrenaline-pumping first person shooters, hooking you for hours of super fun carnage. Let’s rock and roll! Explore 60 vast levels in five settings, from frozen Antarctic base to the sands of Egypt to the medieval castles’ courts and graveyards. Find keys to unlock passages, reveal secret caches with ammo and gold, use lifts and hidden buttons to access new areas. Finally descend to hell to face the ultimate challenge and emerge victorious. Combat tons of enemies from flying demons to five-storeys robots, splashing walls and floors with their blood and chunks. Dodge bullets and projectiles, figure out strategies and weapons that work best against each of the nasty villains. Learn their moves and stay one step ahead to survive through the levels. Face megabosses in vast final arenas to complete each world. Expand your arsenal with new weapons found along your way. From powerful blades to massive guns, collect and develop your favourite gear and master the craft of carnage. Reach into vast arsenal of 38 types of weapons and learn their secret tricks to deliver maximum damage, fast! Grab ammo and spit out series of bullets, walls of flames, and bursts of magic shots to bring down enemies foolish enough to stand in your way. Develop your hero the way you like, by assigning upgrade points and perks to the favourite skills between each level. Develop and upgrade spells and weapons to create your unique character through the game, and use their powers to master the game in higher difficulty modes.

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