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Sometimes You have a rather extensive publishing catalogue these days, including the likes of Potata: fairy flower and Active Neurons, but now they’ve added a tactical turn-based RPG to their ranks. Steam Tactics is here with a fleet of steampunk airships ready for your every command on Xbox One, PlayStation 4. PS Vita and Nintendo Switch.

Listen up captain! The king of this realm is pretty damn poorly and so, in the kingdom’s best interests, the queen has requested your services. After all, you are a renowned tactician, which is why you’ll be perfect to lead a squadron of airship pilots into battle. Don’t be fooled by the adorable looks of your fellow pilots, for they will adhere to your tactics and be ruthless in the midst of a fight.

The tactical turn-based combat aims to be simple enough to grasp, with plenty of depth and a sprinkle of randomness for added freshness, of course. Through progression, upgrades are earned for the ships and weapons you’ve unlocked, while the crew can be levelled-up as well. It’s entirely up to you how to equip these ships, how to level up the pilots entrusted with partaking in the missions, and – most importantly – how to approach a particular conflict.

Those wanting to test their strategic prowess in Steam Tactics should head on over to the Xbox Store and pay a fee of £8.39 – although for a whole day that’s discounted to £6.71. If you’d prefer to buy it on one of the other aforementioned platforms, then their respective digital stores will have you covered. 

Are you prepared to lead your squad to victory in Steam Tactics?

Game Description:

Welcome aboard your airship, captain! Steam Tactics is an RPG about steampunk airships with tactical turn-based combat. Take on a role of a captain of a squad of airship pilots, acquire and upgrade new ships and weapons, level up your crew. The king is gravely ill. The queen wishes to employ your services. You are one of the most renowned mercenary tacticians in the land. Will you answer the kingdom’s call? Features: – Simple yet deep tactical combat. You don’t have to wade through obscure marginal mechanics, the gameplay revolves around clear core rules. – Vast space for creative decision making. It’s up to you to decide how to equip your ships, how to level up your pilots and how to approach a particular battle. – Varied progression system. Gather materials to upgrade your ships and guns, combine duplicate equipment to create more powerful versions of it, level up your crew. – Suitable challenge for different skill levels.

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