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Confront the Horror of the Deep on Xbox One


The deeper you go, the worse it gets. But who knows, in Horror of the Deep on Xbox One, the only way out might just be to continue going down…

Available on the Xbox One to purchase and download, Horror of the Deep is a new first person horror experience that focuses efforts on exploration, mystery and a whole ton of atmosphere. With a price of £8.39 attached to the download, your task is to end the screaming, but in order to do that you must keep descending, down and down into the abyss of a giant dungeon.

It is in this dungeon where you will discover many things – items, keys, clues, mysteries, and monsters – with the latter listening out for your every step, picking up your scent and preparing to taste your flesh. The deeper you go into this dungeon though, the more mysterious things become with multiple mazes and traps ready to either drive you crazy, or ensure your life comes to an abrupt end.

But it’ll only be by descending will anything positive come from your journey, as you attempt to uncover the secrets behind the lost age and what happened to the multiple souls who have met their doom.

The Xbox Store will see you able to grab a download of Horror of the Deep on Xbox One. The question is, will you ever be able to reach the end?

Game Description:

Fallen into a giant old dungeon, unclear of your destiny, you have to descend deeper and deeper to a place where all screaming will be silenced. HORROR OF THE DEEP is an immersive first-person horror experience, inspired by Amnesia, and with a strong emphasis on exploration, atmosphere, and mystery. Descend into a vast complex and explore sheer endless paths, hidden secrets and messages, veiled in darkness, that will question your sanity. If you can resist this madness, you may find out a terrible secret and your purpose within this journey…

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