Independent developer Atomicon has just announced that there’s a new sci-fi shooter on the horizon titled Elevate Combat League. Prepare yourself for an always evolving and competitive arena-shooter like no other.

The year is 2097 and a groundbreaking championship, the Elevate Combat League, is formed to entertain the masses that soon forced all other sports into becoming obsolete. In this now dominant sport, Grid Runners are armed and put against each other individually or in teams, to battle within high-tech arenas.

Players will be able to sculpt the arena to their own benefit by using a variety of exciting skills and weapons in Elevate Combat League. Utilising the ability to sculpt, grapple, surf, shield and jet pack is vital to come out on top in both the team and solo modes. The main mode looks to merge deadly shooting action with a fight for control over a ball to score goals with; meaning you can’t take your eye off the ball for even a second in these rapidly changing arenas and bullets flying around. By rising through the online leagues, the skills possessed last longer and lead to increasingly spectacular encounters between Grid Runners.

Well, those interested in checking it out can do so if they’re present at EGX at Birmingham between 21st and 24th September. The game itself looks set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but the exact time of release is still unknown.

The future of sport is looking rather brutal!


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