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Fancy yourself as a bit of a walking, talking Enigma machine? It’s time to put it to the test in Crypto by POWGI, the latest word puzzle from Lightwood Games launching today on Xbox platforms.

Previously entries from Lightwood Games have taken classic puzzle types and put a unique spin on them. With Crypto though it is a classic cryptogram puzzle you have to solve. Each letter of the alphabet has been substituted for another and you need to work out which letter goes where. Spot the patterns and use your mental prowess in these tricky brain teasers.

Good starting points are usually single letter words as they will be either ‘A’ or ‘I’ or look for apostrophes as the letter usually proceeding them is an ‘S’. The only skills you need are English and if you are reading this, congratulations; you are more than eligible.

Having launched last year on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, this version that now reaches the shores of Xbox has over 200 famous quotes to crack the code on. 30 of these are brand new puzzles exclusively for Xbox consoles.

Expect to see quotes from people such as Bob Ross, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Pythagoras, David Lynch and many, many more. This brain tickler even comes Optimised for Xbox Series X|S which means you get all the next gen features you’ve come to expect.

And yes, for the more achievement aligned of us out there, Crypto by POWGI does once again feature an easy 1000G for you to unlock. Stay tuned for our review coming very soon to see just how easy it is, and maybe it will even make an appearance in our monthly easy achievement lists.

Lightwood Games are busy bringing their back catalogue of word games over to Xbox consoles, and subsequent ones will release on Xbox from the outset.

With previous titles such as Roundout by POWGI, One Word by POWGI and Word Sudoku by POWGI, their impressive roster is growing. Crypto by POWGI joins the list today on Xbox and is priced at £6.69 from the Xbox Store. As always, hit us up in the comments if you will be purchasing, and let us know any further tips you may have.

Game Description:

Crack the code to reveal the quote in this classic cryptogram puzzle. Decrypt the ciphers to find 180 funny and inspirational messages.

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