With multiple titles releasing each week, it’s fair to say the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program has been rather quiet this week. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about though and with a handful of games also receiving new Xbox One X enhancements, there’s certainly still something worth shouting about.

Crackdown – Play

If you’re one of the few who have yet to dive in to the open world adventure of Crackdown, you’ve certainly been missing out. Set in the fictional sandbox environment of Pacific City, players will take on the role of a biologically enhanced Agent tasked with hunting down and putting a stop to the three crime lords terrorising Pacific City along with their organised crime syndicates.

To help players fulfil the rather daunting task, the Agent can collect the addictive experience Orbs scattered throughout the city, all of which improve his core skills such as Firearms, Driving and Agility. Whilst the Orbs made Crackdown a memorable title, it was the overall experience that had fans clamouring for more.

Unfortunately, despite a sequel releasing a few years later, Crackdown 2 failed to capture the excitement of the original and although Crackdown 3 is currently in development for Xbox One, those wanting to have hours of fun causing mayhem could do a lot worse than to head back to Pacific City.

If that doesn’t convince you though, then maybe the fact that Crackdown can now be enjoyed with upgraded visuals by way of the implemented Xbox One X enhancements will be enough to entice you back for another look.

That’s right, Crackdown is the latest title Backwards Compatible title to receive Xbox One X enhancements, and it’s not the only one to receive an upgrade this week either.
Owners of the mighty Xbox One X can now find enhancements available for The Witcher 2, Forza Horizon and Fable Anniversary alongside the recently added Crackdown, with each title bringing a new graphics setting to enjoy.

These recent upgrades bring the total of Backwards Compatible Xbox One X enhanced games to 11, and with the new option available via the emulation settings, players can now enjoy their games with either optimised graphics or optimised performance enabled.
To switch on the new options you will need to head over to the settings via the Xbox 360 menu whilst playing one of the select enhanced titles and choose the Xbox One X Settings option. From here you can choose between Graphics and Performance.

Once selected you’ll have to restart your game, but it can then be enjoyed with the chosen enhancement active.

The full list of Xbox 360 Back-Compat titles that are now Xbox One X enhanced are as follows:

  • Assassin’s Creed
  • Crackdown
  • Fable Anniversary
  • Fallout 3
  • Forza Horizon
  • Gears of War 3
  • Halo 3
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Oblivion
  • Skate 3
  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

So, there we have it, our thoughts on the latest entry to the Xbox Backwards Compatible program, as well as some fresh announcements on the recent Xbox One X enhancements that have come to select titles.

Will you be heading into the streets of Pacific City once more or enjoying any of the other titles with Xbox One X enhancements? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.



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