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Craft, cultivate, combat – DEADCRAFT isn’t your everyday zombie RPG


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In DEADCRAFT you are tasked with doing three things – crafting, cultivating and combat-ing. Fail with any of those and you’ll be overrun by the undead masses. But what if you’re already undead!?

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam, DEADCRAFT from Marvelous Europe will see players fight for their right to, um, live in a world that is nothing but fuill of zombie infestation. 

Created by Marvelous’ First Studio team, DEADCRAFT drops you onto a world that is pretty much barren. Meteors have dropped from the sky, destroying all around them. But it’s the mysterious virus which has resurrected the dead which is what you need to keep an eye on, with just a small human force remaining. The thing is, you’re half-zombie yourself, so there are times when you’ll need to rely on your type; choosing your allies wisely. 

Your task is to survive by any means, yet only by venturing out into the wasteland, scavenging for scrap, crafting and cultivating as you go, will success be found. It’s here where your zombie side comes into view, growing zombie followers in hope that they can help out in the longrun. Yep, the twist in DEADCRAFT is real. 

The key features you need worry about include…

  • Farm the Dead to Stay Alive ‒ Plant fresh corpses (or just a combination of limbs) into the ground and give them a little TLC until they sprout into an undead army of infantry, sentries, and more!
  • Creeptastic Crafting ‒ Surviving the apocalypse sometimes means using whatever scraps one can find to make new weapons. Other times it means enlisting a loyal undead to assist in building and running an entire factory of grotesque machinery churning out an unholy amalgamation of survival items.
  • Death-Defying Powers of the Undead ‒ Reid’s zombie side gives him a powerful advantage in a fight, allowing him to shield himself from danger or swat enemies away like annoying gnats. But as each devoured enemy pushes him closer to his zombie side, he’ll have to take care to maintain what little humanity he has left.
  • Become a Savior…or a Scourge ‒ Help out other survivors to learn new recipes or abilities. But if Reid’s hard up for money or supplies, shake down a local and take it off them…as long as he doesn’t mind potentially becoming a wanted man.

DEADCRAFT comes in both Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition form, with the Xbox Store capable of providing both. Obviously those looking to dop their toe into the zombie growing world would do well to take home the £19.99 Standard Edition, gaining full access to everything it promises. 

The more hardcore may well opt for the £29.99 Deluxe Edition. It’s this which gives you the base game plus some seriously cool sounding DLC packs – It Came From the Junkyard and Jessie’s Wasteland Wares. You’ll get a Shinobi Outfit and Resource Pack chucked in too. 

Stick around for our upcoming review of DEADCRAFT on Xbox Series X|S and we’ll let you know how it plays. With Smart Delivery in tow, you’ll be able to play the finest version of the Xbox game on the console of your choice. 

Game Description:

Welcome to DEADCRAFT, a new twist on the zombie survival-action genre! In a world ravaged by a deadly virus, half-zombie Reid must survive not only by taking an axe, weedwhacker— anything he can get his hands on—to hordes of the undead, but by growing some zombie followers of his own. Choose your allies and enemies wisely as you try to make it through the apocalypse alive!

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