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Concept Destruction provides demolition derby opportunities, but with a difference. See, in the latest Ratalaika Games release on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, the cars you drive are made out of cardboard – and smashing your foes into tiny fragments is your ultimate goal.

Coming from the porting team at Ratalaika Games after seeing full creation handled by those at Thinice Games, Concept Destruction has launched on Xbox One and PS4, with a Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) release rolling out on the 22nd May.

Priced at a mere £4.99 with a launch discount dropping that down to £3.99, Concept Destruction takes the tried and tested method of demolition derby but twists things up with a bunch of cars that have been created from cardboard. As standard though, smashing into anything else that moves is the name of the game, and should you be able to destroy them before they take you down, points will be earnt and prizes will be given.

With a Championship mode pushing you through the fight for success, and a separate Survival mode just requesting you to last as long as possible, if you’ve previously enjoyed any form of vehicular destruction – perhaps in Wreckfest – or love to partake in a bit of crash and burn action, then Concept Destruction may well be one to check out.

Features include:

  • * Crash destructible cardboard cars, each with a unique driving style
  • * Pick from 4 different modes to bring total deconstruction
  • * Experience unique 3D cardboard car designs
  • * Customize how you play!
  • * Listen to a heavy metal soundtrack while bashing cars

Tempted by the madness? Just pop over to your favoured digital store – ours being that of the Xbox Store – and grab a download right now. For those not quite sold by the premise or the low asking price, hold tight for our full review. It’s coming pretty soon.

Game Description:

Concept Destruction is all about driving miniature cars made of cardboard, and crashing them into each other to earn points by destroying them! Pick from several different modes that suits your playstyle. Pick championship mode if you want to fight your way through mass production or choose survival mode to see how long you can survive a wave of deadly cardboard automobiles! Unlock new cars with points earned by playing. Each car has a unique driving style that could turn the tide of battle!

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