Many gamers wouldn’t have even been born when Status Quo first rocked up onto the music scene, and chances are a good few would be struggling to remember Culture Club the first time round. Forget all that though as both bands are behind the latest Rock Band 4 DLC tracks – and they are well worth a download.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and PS4 are two new tunes for Rock Band 4 players to enjoy. They are:

  • Status Quo – Pictures of Matchstick Men
  • Culture Club – Karma Chameleon

Now, each of these tracks are priced up at the usual Rock Band 4 price of £1.59, so it’s a fairly cheap and easy way to discover new tunes to rock out to with the band. Whether you’re a fan of either Status Quo or just love the hats of Boy George and Culture Club, you can’t go wrong with new songs to enjoy.

Get yourself over to a digital store near you right now. Those on PS4 will need to pay the PlayStation Store a visit, whilst us Xbox One owners should find the content readily available on the Microsoft Store.

Will you be picking up the phone and getting the band back together in order to jam away with these tunes? Make sure you let us know your thoughts and comments in the section down below.

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